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A two-day course by Mark Minasi, author of 16 technical Windows support books, 21-year columnist for Windows IT Pro magazine, and award-winning presenter

Date: August 1-2, 2016
Time: 8:30am-5:00pm (registration opens 8:00am, August 1)
Location: Torgersen Hall, Room 2150, Virginia Tech Campus, Blacksburg, Virginia

Why Take This Course?

Windows 10 arrived in July 2015, which is kinda exciting for IT pros – new tools for us! What is a bit less exciting, however, is Microsoft's current approach to documentation: a somewhat disjointed collection of blog posts. (No, we're not kidding, that really is the current approach.) So if you need to figure out what it offers, how it'll fit in your network and current hardware, and how to secure it, then buckle up and get ready for hundreds of hours of Googling...

...Or you can take our Windows 10 class. Our class is researched, written and delivered by Windows expert Mark Minasi. Mark's been under the hood of Windows 10 since its first betas, and has assembled everything he's learned into this fast-paced, entertaining two-day class that will quickly update your Windows technical support skills, help you decide if Win 10's right for your organization, and point you towards setting up your deployment plan. And just in case you skipped Windows 8 and 8.1, don't fear – this course includes all of the 8.x changes that survived to Windows 10.

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"I thought I knew Windows 10, but your class showed me things that paid for this seminar in the first hour!"
--attendee comment

Key Learning Points

  • Understand Windows 10's new "agile" upgrade system whereby Microsoft will deliver roughly two new versions of Windows 10 per year… and how to slow down the pace of those upgrades
  • Grasp how UEFI/Secure Boot and Early Launch Anti-Malware (ELAM) add powerful new security to your systems, and how to install them
  • Know how Windows 10's revised Setup engine requires new disk layouts and expands your upgrade options
  • Assist yourself in making the "upgrade from 7 or not?" call by enumerating Windows 10 changes that can extend the life of your existing hardware
  • Master the basics of "Azure Active Directory" cloud-based domains and user accounts, the new identity structures that Office 365 users already have and that Windows 10 supports (somewhat)
  • Discover how Windows 10's OneGet application package manager can simplify installing new applications and managing existing ones
  • See how the new "Modern" or "Universal" applications work in Windows 10 and how they offer your desktops more responsive multitasking and your systems longer battery life, and how to use the Windows Store for Business to control how your users acquire applications
  • Identify how native 4K drive support and a revised CHKDSK can make your system storage faster and more resilient
  • Meet dozens of PowerShell cmdlets that simplify both local and remote administrations
  • Uncover how User Isolation Mode and Virtual Secure Mode can protect your systems from "pass the hash" attacks

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