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Obesity is one of the most complex public health problems facing the nation and world today. More than a third of Americans and over one billion people worldwide are obese. To address this complex problem, translational approaches involving interdisciplinary teams will be needed to understand obesity from its root causes to its association with disease. Further, this strategy will be needed to design and implement innovative and effective prevention and treatment programs that can be disseminated on a broad scale to have a positive public health impact.

To this end, the Fralin Translational Obesity Research Center and the Fralin Life Sciences Institute at Virginia Tech invites you to participate in our 1st biennial obesity conference entitled "How can translational research solve the obesity epidemic". The conference has been designed as a platform to highlight current areas of research where translational approaches could move the field forward to help solve the obesity epidemic. Our target audience includes graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, dieticians, clinicians, and research scientists. Undergraduate and graduate students will have an opportunity to interact with several leading obesity researchers and explore opportunities for research training in translational obesity research at Virginia Tech and around the country.

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Registration is now open.

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