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Advancing Asset Management in Your Utility
March 10-11, 2015
Virginia Tech - Arlington Research Center
Arlington, Virginia

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The Challenge: Over the past half century, America has spent trillions of dollars building some of the finest infrastructure that history has ever seen. This investment has played a substantial role in the sustained prosperity and quality of life of our country. But in many communities, this infrastructure is severely stressed from overuse, under-funding of maintenance and renewal, and aging.

A comprehensive approach to managing our capital assets is overdue - one that brings "state of the practice" advanced asset management (AM) concepts, tools, techniques, and technologies to bear on managing for cost-effective performance. This approach is one that focuses relentlessly on providing sustained performance to the customer at the lowest life-cycle cost and at an acceptable level of risk to the organization.

The Focus: Public sector managers have been managing assets for decades. However, it is clear that what we have been doing in the past will not be sufficient to address the growing and increasingly complex challenges that lie ahead. Practical, advanced techniques for better managing assets have been developed and refined in both the private sector in the US and in water and wastewater agencies around the world. Management thinking is centered on long-term effectiveness, service sustainability, and effective environmental management. How can these advanced asset management concepts, tools and techniques be most effectively transferred into the water and wastewater industry, more specifically, into your agency? Where to start? How to proceed? How to select appropriate tools?

The Workshops: The AM challenge for US agency officials is one of "knowledge transfer." For that reason, these workshops have been designed as an extensive hands-on experience. Each workshop:

Incorporates a real-world storyline to realistically demonstrate an advanced asset management way of approaching difficult asset-driven problems.

Is built around participant exercises that demonstrate the concepts, techniques and tools of advanced asset management.

Is centered on case-based mentoring by expert asset management practitioners. The agenda is built around five AM core questions. The workshops focus on demonstrating, step-by-step, how an agency would select and deploy "Best Appropriate AM Practices" that are best suited to that agency.

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