String Pheno 2017 - July 3-7, 2017 - Virginia Tech - Blacksburg, Virginia
String Pheno 2017 - July 3-7, 2017 - Virginia Tech - Blacksburg, Virginia


String theory provides a unified framework to describe the fundamental particles and interactions of nature. String phenomenology is the branch of string theory that aims to connect this subject to experimental particle physics and observational cosmology. In light of new data from the LHC, as well as important results from astrophysics and cosmology, such as those coming from LIGO and DES, it is the time to fully explore the connections between the properties of string compactifications and the forthcoming new data.

String Phenomenology 2017 is a forum to bring together diverse researchers aiming to bridge the gap between fundamental theory and observable physics. The conference includes invited plenary talks as well as two afternoons of parallel sessions. We particularly welcome and encourage the participation of younger researchers. This is the 16th conference in the String Phenomenology Conference series.

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Invited Speakers Include:

  • Steven Abel (Durham University)
  • Massimo Bianchi (University of Rome, Tor Vergata and INFN)
  • Ralph Blumenhagen (MPI, Munich)
  • Mirjam Cvetic (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Emilian Dudas (Ecole Polytechnique, CPHT)
  • Mboyo Esole (Northeastern University)
  • Alon Faraggi (University of Liverpool)
  • Mario Garcia Fernandez (ICMAT)
  • Raphael Flauger (UC San Diego)
  • Iñaki Garcia-Etxebarria (MPI, Munich)
  • Mark Goodsell (LPTHE, Paris)
  • Thomas Grimm (Utrecht University)
  • Jim Halverson (Northeastern University)
  • Arthur Hebecker (University of Heidelberg)
  • Gabrielle Honecker (MITP, Mainz)
  • Hans Jockers (Bonn)
  • Sven Krippendorf (University of Oxford)
  • Andre Lukas (University of Oxford)
  • Fernando Marchesano (UAM/CSIC, Madrid)
  • Liam McAllister (Cornell)
  • Hirosi Ooguri (Caltech)
  • Burt Ovrut (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Fernando Quevedo (ICTP, Trieste and Cambridge University)
  • Matthew Reece (Harvard)
  • Jose Rodriguez (U Chicago)
  • Tom Rudelius (Harvard/IAS)
  • Fabian Ruehle (University of Oxford)
  • Gary Shiu (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
  • Mike Stillman (Cornell)
  • Washington Taylor (MIT)
  • Roberto Valandro (ICTP, Trieste)
  • Irene Valenzuela (MPI, Munich)
  • Michel Vetterli (Simon Fraser University/TRIUMF)
  • Taizan Watari (IMPU, Tokyo)
  • Timo Weigand (University of Heidelberg)

*=To be confirmed

Notices and News

NOTE: The first talks on Monday will start in the New Classroom Building, room 260, on the Virginia Tech campus. See the Location page for more information.

Registration is now open.

If you would like to give a contributed talk, please fill out the form.

Concerned about the recent US Executive Order on Travel? See the Travel page for information regarding obtaining a VISA and letter of invitation.


Organizers: Lara B. Anderson (VT), James Gray (VT)

Local Organizing Committee: Jonathan Heckman (UNC), Xin Gao (VT), Ilarion Melnikov (JMU), Seung-Joo Lee (VT), Jonathan Link (VT), Djordje Minic (VT), Eric Sharpe (VT).


For More Information Contact:
Lara Anderson and James Gray
Assistant Professors

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