About the Workshop

The Virginia Tech Center for Neutrino Physics will host an international workshop on the theme: 'Sterile Neutrinos at the Crossroads'. The idea for this workshop was triggered by the recent accumulation of possible indications of a sterile neutrino with broad relevance to neighboring fields in theory and experiment.

The goal of the workshop is to bring together experts in the various sub-disciplines, such as nuclear theory (reactor fluxes, nucleosynthesis) and experiment (reactor experiments, flux measurements, LSND/Karmen, MiniBooNE), cosmology (WMAP/Planck), neutrino phenomenology (global fits, alternative models), in order to critically review the evidence for and against sterile neutrinos and to discuss the need or otherwise to pursue dedicated new experiments and possibly new strategies.

Confirmed speakers include:

Gabriela Barenboim, Valencia
Nathanial Bowden, LLNL
Yves Déclais, Lyon
George Fuller, UC San Diego
Raj Gandhi, HCRI
Gerry Garvey, LANL
Concha Gonzalez-Garcia, Barcelona
Yeongduk Kim, Sejong University
Paul Langacker, IAS
David Lhuillier, Saclay
Jonathan Link, Virginia Tech
William Louis, LANL
Geoff Mills, LANL
Raju Raghavan, Virginia Tech
Gioacchino Ranucci, INFN Milano
Soebur Razzaque, George Mason University
Klaus Schreckenbach, TU Muenchen
Thomas Schwetz, MPI Heidelberg
Alexandre Sousa, Harvard
Rebecca Surman, Union College
Petr Vogel, Caltech
Yvonne Wong, Aachen
Liang Zhan, IHEP Beijing

For More Information Contact:
Email: snac@phys.vt.edu


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