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"This has been a formative professional and personal experience for me. I would recommend it to any new administrator."

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"The very design of the institute models balance: knowledge base from experts and reading, a coach for support and guidance, colleagues for collaboration and self-reflection."

"The Aspiring Superintendents' Program allowed me to explore various facets of the Division Superintendent role as I consider whether or not to pursue a division leadership position in the future. By participating in the program I was able to gain a greater understanding of my own leadership strengths and practice methods used to foster effective communication and build positive relationships with stakeholders I encounter daily in my role as a building principal. It was a wonderful experience and I would recommend the program without reservation!" -- Camala Kite

"The open dialog, frank discussions, and personal interactions, along with quality presentations, have given new meaning to ongoing professional development".

"The expansive list of topics and variety of speakers were beneficial as it touched on the many aspects of the always evolving principal-ship"

"Epiphanies seemed to be a norm in the institute."

"The Aspiring Superintendents Program is an exciting opportunity to network with fellow leaders interested in developing their skills for future educational experiences. The expertise of the presenters provided insight into the multifaceted role the superintendent plays in the school division and community. I would highly encourage all administrators to participate in this rewarding program." – Lynda Hickey

"The topics and presenters at each session have provided me with priceless and candid information and guidance related to what school administrators deal with on a regular basis."

"The Aspiring Superintendents Program provides an environment where individuals with similar goals may better evaluate their long-term career aspirations. This is accomplished through quality experiences with various stakeholders in the field of educational leadership. The value of these candid conversations, in conjunction with the interaction and engagement within the cohort, cannot be measured." -- Greg Brown

"I gleaned so much knowledge from instructors who were practitioners. That was the most beneficial part of the whole organization – they were practitioners."

"I have gained so much from this institute. I'm learning so much about me as a leader and it has been so valuable. This is a first-class, excellent institute."

"I The experiences, insight and connections that were afforded me at Recently Appointed Administrators only made me wish every school administrator could've had the same chance. After having walked in our shoes, the presenters and facilitators knew what we needed to learn. I recommend these workshops to anyone planning to make a career out of public education leadership. I feel very fortunate to have been included in this program." -- Adam Joyce

"Recently Appointed Administrators was one of the most enriching, educational, and applicable conferences that I have attended. The conferences equipped me with various tools and resources that I can use every day in my school district. The networking is another aspect of the program that will have a lasting impact on my educational career. I now have colleagues, in various school districts throughout Virginia that I can rely on for educational, professional, and personal advice." -- Dominick McKee

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"As a new administrator, one of the last things on my mind as I settled in to my job was dealing with the media, so I was surprised when we spent time during our second Recently Appointed Administrators session on media relations. As part of this session we did a skit complete with full camera crew about a "school issue" that local TV news stations were interested in. This dry run later proved to be invaluable to me when local media outlets called my school division's media relations director to set up interviews with me in regards to my proposal to move my school to a year round calendar. As a result of my practice I was much more prepared for what I was about to face and handled it well. In my opinion one of the values of RAA is the fact that they have broad experience in ALL of the issues an administrator may face and help you prepare to face them so that you aren't blindsided by things you don't see coming and/or are not prepared for." -- Andy Bliss

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