VIRGINIA TECH Science Festival - Science is bigger than you think! - Saturday, November 4, 2017
Science is bigger than you think!
Saturday, Nov 4, 2017

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Visitor FAQ

Can I bring my preschoolers?
The festival is mostly targeted for school-age children, but there are lots of things for younger kids to see and do. Many parents bring young children and have a great time. Just know that some exhibits will be less accessible to young children because of fragile objects or the need to follow careful directions. Watch the festival website and program to identify presenters whose projects are specially geared for young children.

How does the festival work for children with disabilities?
We absolutely welcome children with disabilities. We are working with the Center for Autism Research this year to make the festival more accessible by providing sensory-friendly spaces in each festival building, as well as some additional training for our exhibitors. Check the festival website and program to identify presenters who are specially prepared for working with children on the autism spectrum. If you are an individual with a disability and desire an accommodation, please contact Kacy McAllister at 540-231-1319 or email during regular business hours at least 10 business days prior to an event.

Is it crowded?
The festival does tend to be crowded. We recommend visiting early and starting with Newman Library or Torgersen Hall (rather than the Moss Arts Center) to avoid the most crowded spaces. Check the map carefully. There are lots of less crowded, out-of-the-way spaces with great exhibits.

What age person should come to the festival?
The Virginia Tech Science Festival has a goal of making science and research accessible to all ages. Most exhibits are designed for elementary and middle school students. Younger children will find plenty to do as well.

Can I bring my school group?
Yes, we'd love to have your school group. Please contact us at for more information on bus logistics.

Is the festival all in one place?
No. The festival is in three buildings and some outdoor spaces in between. Find us at the Moss Arts Center, Newman Library, Torgersen Hall, and Alumni Mall.

How much does it cost?
All Virginia Tech Science Festival events are free and open to the public.

What happens after the festival?
Nutshell games!
An Evening with Christopher Emdin: STEM Education and Empowerment for the Rest of Y'all

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