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Passport to Retirement - Blacksburg, Virginia
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Course Curriculum

Define and Create Your Retirement

How will you spend your time?
Will you be prepared?
Five roadblocks to retirement

Assess the Costs

Estimating the costs
How much should you save?
Can you afford to retire?

Evaluate your Sources of Income

Personal and employer-sponsored retirement plans
Traditional and Roth IRAs
Fixed and variable annuities
Social Security benefits

Invest for the Future

What’s your risk tolerance?
Investing in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds
Asset allocation steps

Protect your Health and Wealth

Assessing your insurance needs
Protecting your earning power
Learning about long-term care

Receive Funds from Your Retirement Plans

Understanding your options
Taking distributions and lump sums
Minimum distribution requirements
IRA rollovers

Manage Your Estate Distribution

Estate planning challenges
Probate and estate taxes
Gift tax exclusions
Wills and living trusts
Providing for your heirs

And many more critical topics to help you prepare for a more comfortable retirement.

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