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 Passport to Retirement - Blacksburg, Virginia
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All classes will take place on the Virginia Tech Campus at Smyth Hall, Room 146, West Campus Drive in Blacksburg, Virginia from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

For directions visit: or download the Campus Parking Map


July 29 & August 5
Room 146
from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
July 31 & August 7
Room 146
from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.


Key Retirement Planning Issues

This course will equip you with the facts you need to prepare for a financially secure retirement. You will learn to seek maximization of your income and get more from investments. You will also learn how to protect your hard-earned money from inflation, income taxes and erosion due to unnecessary estate taxes. This workshop will show you a conservative approach to wise money management and will identify lifestyle issues facing retirees.

Your instructor provides information that is current, comprehensive and noncommercial. The workshop has been carefully designed to provide the information you need, without overloading you with unnecessary financial jargon. See Course Curriculum for more information.

An Optional Personal Plan and Consultation

You will be assigned homework during the course. At your discretion, you submit this homework to the instructor, who will use it to develop your confidential financial analysis. You are entitled to a private retirement planning consultation with the instructor at the end of the workshop. This meeting is your opportunity to analyze your financial situation, help develop your financial plan and have your questions answered.

Teaching Format

Passport to Retirement has been created by experts in personal money management education. A "hear it, see it, read it, write it" teaching method makes it easy for you to understand and retain the information covered. You will walk through real-life examples that apply to your situation. The class is enlightening and exciting. Attendees may participate and are encouraged to ask questions.

Your Instructor

This workshop is presented across North America by financial services professionals. They not only draw upon real-life experiences with numerous clients, they are also licensed in the areas of investment securities and insurance. Your local instructor is Andrew Monsour, a registered fee-only investment advisor and experienced financial planner. He has been instructing financial classes since 1997.


This information-rich course is taught in an easy-to-understand, interesting format in an informal, enjoyable classroom setting.

Personal Financial Data Form
As homework, you will complete a Personal Financial Data Form. This data form is widely acknowledged as a comprehensive and practical aid to retirement planning.

Optional Planning Consultation
You are entitled to an optional private consultation after the conclusion of the workshop. You may also submit your completed data form to the instructor before your meeting. Your instructor will use the data to prepare a written financial analysis that addresses your personal situation. This document can be reviewed at the counseling session. This is your opportunity to ask specific, personal questions.


During this educational class, all illustrations and examples will be generic. You will not receive any sales pitches. To best address the needs of all attendees, your instructor will discuss specific products or services you wish to learn more about only at your optional personal counseling session.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, almost half of all Americans over age 65 have a household income below $15,000 a year. Only 18 percent have incomes over $35,000 per year. These figures include Social Security benefits. Financial analysts blame these inadequate funds on one thing: insufficient planning.

Although Americans work an average of 90,000 hours during their working years, few spend more than a day preparing for their retirement. An increasing number of Americans retire dependent upon the government, their families or charity.

This workshop is designed to help you avoid this situation.

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