2011 Quality and Productivity Research Conference -  June 8-10, 2011 - Roanoke, Virginia
Contributed Program

Contributed Sessions and Speakers

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Thursday, 9 June

Session C-T-1
Title: Statistical Process Control I

"Nonparametric and Semiparametric Profile Monitoring by Nonlinear Mixed Effects Modeling", Abdel-Salam G. Abdel-Salam, JP Morgan Chase & Co.; Jeffrey B. Birch, Virginia Tech; and James D. Williams, JP Morgan Chase & Co.

"A Bayesian SPC approach in modeling count type data", P. Tsiamyrtzis, Athens University of Economics and Business; D. M. Hawkins, University of Minnesota

"A GLR Control Chart for Monitoring the Mean Vector of a Multivariate Normal Process", Sai Wang, Marion R. Reynolds. Jr., Virginia Tech

Session C-T-2
Title: Miscellaneous I

"Challenges in uncertainty quantification in nondestructive assay for nuclear safeguards", Tom Burr, Stephen Croft, and Brian Weaver, Los Alamos National Laboratory

"Two Goodness-of-Fit Tests for Generalized Linear Mixed Models", Anne M. Hansen, University of California, Riverside

"Handy Sample Size Shortcuts for an Upper Confidence Bound on a Defect Rate", Janis Dugle, Abbott Nutrition

Session C-T-3
Title: Statistical Process Control II

"SPC: A student's perspective", Nathaniel T. Stevens, University of Waterloo

"The Effect of Parameter Estimation on Upper-Sided Bernoulli CUSUM Charts", Jaeheon Lee, Chung-Ang University; Ning Wang, Liaosa Xu, Anna Schuh, and William H. Woodall, Virginia Tech

"A Reconsideration of Geometric Charts with Estimated Control Limits", Min Zhang, Tianjin University; Yiming Peng, Anna Schuh, Fadel M. Megahed, and William H. Woodall, Virginia Tech

Session C-T-4
Title: Design of Experiments

"Response Surfaces, Blocking and Split Plots: An Industrial Experiment Case Study", Willis Jensen, W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.; Scott Kowalski, Minitab Inc.

"Using DOE with Tolerance Intervals to Verify Specifications", Pat Whitcomb and Mark Anderson, Stat-Ease, Inc.

"Application of a Six Variable Mixture Test Design (With a Non-Mixture variable)", William Bettis Line, DOES Institute

Friday, 10 June

Session C-F-1
Title: Miscellaneous II

"Change-point Detection for Correlated Network Data", Yingzhuo Fu and Daniel Jeske, University of California, Riverside

"Methods for Monitoring Multiple Proportions When Inspecting Continuously", Anne G. Ryan, Lee J. Wells, and William H. Woodall, Virginia Tech

"Unsupervised Neutral Zone Classifiers", Scott Benecke and Daniel Jeske, University of California, Riverside

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