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Virginia Tech Center of Excellence for Quality Management
Virginia Tech Center of Excellence for Quality Management

Virginia Tech Center of Excellence for Quality Management

General Information

The Center for Organizational and Technological Advancement (COTA) is pleased to offer a series of workshops addressing Quality Management System (QMS) matters and to provide the tools and skills necessary to develop and implement a QMS.

What is a QMS?

A Quality Management System is a set of management processes and procedures developed and implemented to allow an organization to plan, perform, control, measure, analyze and improve its activities, products and services effectively and efficiently. A QMS is useful for organizations of any size in both the public and private sectors.

The basic elements of a QMS follow the Plan-Do–Check-Act cycle:

  • Plan
    • Identify the organization’s scope, policy objectives
    • Develop and establish processes to achieve those objectives taking into account associated risks and opportunities
    • Identify resources (people, communication, tools and equipment, competence, awareness, support) to sustain the QMS
  • Do:
    • Implement processes and methods
    • Establish controls (verification, validation) within processes to meet established objectives
  • Check:
    • Monitor and measure progress in achieving the established objectives
    • Analyze data collected
  • Act:
    • Review progress of the QMS
    • Implement actions to ensure continual improvement

What are the Benefits?

A QMS provides tools to help manage your organization’s management system effectively and efficiently and to improve stewardship across the entire organization, with your customers and your suppliers.

Performance benefits include:

  • Enhanced public image with system users and the general public
  • Increased awareness of internal and external issues that can affect your organization
  • Increased focus on internal and external interested parties
  • Increased transparency throughout supply chain from customer to organization to supplier
  • Improved communication, cooperation, awareness, competence and training through leadership support and outreach
  • Reinforcement of management system processes currently in place
  • Proactive management of QMS issues
  • Increased operational efficiencies

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