15th OpenFOAM Workshop   - June 22- 25, 2020- Hosted by Virginia Tech, Arlington, Virginia, USA
15th OpenFOAM Workshop   - June 22- 25, 2020- Hosted by Virginia Tech, Arlington, Virginia, USA

Virtual Venue

Virtual Venue

Zoom Instructions

The 15th OpenFOAM Workshop will be delivered entirely through the Zoom web-conference application. All participants should download the latest version of the Zoom Application from www.zoom.us, create a free account if you do not already have one, and verify functionality on the computer which you plan to use to participate in the Workshop. Please review system requirements.

All Zoom sessions will be password protected. Passwords will be distributed one day prior to the sessions via your registration email address. Only paid registered participants of the 15th OpenFOAM Workshop will be able to view the virtual content.

Zoom links will be shared via the Whova app, download here: Get Whova Now

Tips for Zoom
For the keynote sessions, only speakers will have video and microphone access. Please use the Q&A feature if you have any questions and the moderator will ask on your behalf.

For the technical sessions and trainings, to keep the schedule, we ask that you remain muted and type questions into the chat feature. The moderator or technical session chair will ask your question on your behalf.

Presenters should join the zoom meetings early and identify themselves to the Zoom moderator and Technical Session Chairs. If the session is waiting to start, please be patient.

Troubleshooting Zoom
If you experience any bandwidth or connectivity issues, please turn off your video and close all other applications running on your computer. We recommend restarting your computer if you experience continued issues. Joining the meeting by phone is another option to avoid technical issues. Please review the information at Zoom support for further assistance.

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