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The NAWEA 2015 Symposium, which will be held 9-11 June 2015 at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA, includes technical sessions, panel discussions, graduate student symposium, poster session, engineering software workshops, business meeting, social events, and a tour of the Virginia Tech Stability Tunnel. The Symposium, the second in a series of technical meetings, will examine a broad range of topics required to achieve high wind penetration in the North American power-generation sector. In addition to wind energy system science and technology technical tracks, the symposium will feature sessions that provide holistic perspectives, overviews, and approaches necessary to maximize future deployment including:

  • Research and Development, and Technology, including presentations on Aerodynamics, Aeroacoustics, Controls, Innovative Systems and Concepts, Reliability, Offshore, etc.
  • Electrical Integration, including presentations on issues of achieving high penetration of variable renewables and on energy storage issues
  • Atmosphere/Turbine/Wake Interactions, including farm/plant interactions and array effects
  • Atmospheric Science of Wind Characterization, and Forecasting
  • Public Policy Issues, including presentations, and a panel discussion of issues/problems and how technology can provide solutions, economics of wind
  • Environmental and Siting Issues, including presentations, and a panel discussion of issues/problems and how technology can provide solutions
  • Workforce Development and Education, including presentations, and a panel discussion from the Education Committee
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Notices & News

Know Before You Go
We look forward to welcoming you to Virginia Tech! Important information for participants can be downloaded here - NAWEAKnowB4Go.pdf

Abstracts and papers are now available for download.

Request for wireless access while you are a visitor on the Virginia Tech campus must be arranged in advance - more information.

The NAWEA Symposium aims to engage academia, industry and regulatory agency stakeholders in an open forum dialogue to help overcome technology and policy gaps to achieving a high penetration of wind power in the domestic energy production portfolio. The purpose of the Symposium is also to gather the people with the critical expertise and initiative to move forward with the strategic intent of the Academy, as outlined in the mission statement in the Charter.

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