Virginia Tech National Capital Region - Meet the Scientists - June 17,2011 - Virginia Tech Research Center - Arlington


Virginia Tech/Carilion Research Institute (Multi-Purpose Room 1 - Floor 2)
Session Leader: Dr. Michael Friedlander, Director
New approaches to imaging and activating the human brain in health and disease
Presenters: Dr. Jamie Tyler
Development of ultrasound for application to neuromodulation in brain disorders

Dr. Stephen LaConte
Real time functional magnetic resonance imaging (fmri) in neurorehabilitation

Dr. Brooks King-Casas and Dr. Pearl Chiu
Use of fmri in advancing diagnosis of traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic syndrome

Dr. Debbie Kelly
High resolution imaging of signaling molecular complexes

Dr. Warren Bickel
Training the brain to value the future and unlearn addiction

Drs. Sharon and Craig Ramey
Novel therapies for brain rehabilitation in children

Institute for Critical Technologies and Applied Science (Floor 5)
Session Leader: Dr. Roop Mahajan
Security and sustainability
Presenters: Dr. Charles Clancy
Cyber security

Dr. Alireza Haghighat and Dr. Satish Kulkarni
New paths for energy research

Dr. Joseph Wang
Biomedical computing and nano-sensing

Dr. Naren Ramakrishnan and Dr. Diana Farkas
Discovery analytics and data mining

Institute for Society, Culture and Environment (Floor 3)
Session Leader: Dr. Karen Roberto
Individual and social transformation
Presenters: Dr. David Orden
Global policy and trade

Dr. Derek Hydra
Community inclusions and relations

Dr. Tina Savla
Aging, stress and adaptation

Virginia Bioinformatics Institute (Visualization Room - Floor 2)
Session Leader: Dr. Skip Garner
Computational approaches to complex systems
Presenters: Dr. Chris Barrett
Computational informatics for large, diverse network systems

Dr. Bruno Sobral
Cyberstructure for biological analysis

Dr. Reinhard Laubenbacher
Computational systems biology

Dr. Stanley Hefta
Host-pathogen-environment interactions and inflammation

College of Engineering (Multi-Purpose Room 2 - Floor 2)
Session Leader: Dean Richard Benson
Security and sustainability
Presenters: Dr. Jeff Reed
New research directions in wireless

Dr. Glenn Moglen
Water quality and sustainability

Dr. Saifur Rahman
Energy security and sustainability

Dr. Jack Lesko
Centers of excellence in engineering research

College of Science (Executive Conference Room - Floor 2)
Session Leader: Dr. Lay Nam Chang
Presenters: Dr. James McGrath
Water purification, desalination and power

Dr. Daniel Crawford
Computational tools for scientific discovery in aqueous media

Dr. Michael Hochella
Nanoparticles in the environment

Dr. Jeff Borggaard
Ocean flows

Dr. John E. Barrett
Stream team—connecting to aquatic systems

Dr. Tim Long
Water-soluble nanomaterials for drug and gene delivery

Dr. Seong K Mun
Drug discovery and health systems