Virginia Tech and Virginia Deparatment of Health Present Water and Wastewater Training Courses
Virginia Tech and Virginia Deparatment of Health Present Water and Wastewater Training Courses

Applied Math and Basic Science for Waterworks Operators

June 5 - 9, 2023 - Richmond, Virginia


Do you need to brush up on your applied math skills? Do you understand the basic sciences associated with water treatment operations? Nearly everyone who works at a waterworks facility is facing these challenges.

To address this training need, Virginia Tech in conjunction with the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) developed a short course that covers the math and science of real-world, water treatment applications. It is an intensive course that builds from introductory, basic skills to the application of many important principles. Topics include the calculation of chemical feed rates, interpreting pump curves, interpreting water quality data, selecting the best coagulant dosage, calculating filter rates, interpreting water treatment regulations, and much more.

The course materials include a manual expressly designed for the short course and a student workbook that provides examples used for in-class exercises and homework assignments. Near the end of the week, participants will work in small groups on a comprehensive example that ties all the course lessons together, and individually work at computers to solve water treatment problems.

Course instructors have been carefully selected based on their experience in the water treatment field, presentation skills, and experience in teaching operator training courses. The instructors come from Virginia Tech, the VDH, and municipalities.

Will this short course prepare you for the courses offered as part of the Annual Short School for Operators at Virginia Tech? Does it help with licensure? "Strongly, yes, to both questions!" This course was designed to supplement and complement the material presented at the Annual Short School. For some years, we have wanted to free up time in the Annual Short School for new and emerging topics. This program enables us to remove some of the math and science that was a part of the Short School, Water 1-3 Short Courses. This course will help with licensure at all levels, because as Yogi Berra might have said, "The course starts at the beginning!"

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Offered by

Virginia Department of Health, Office of Drinking Water

Virginia Tech Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE)

Continuing and Professional Education (CPE)

Who Should Participate

This course is intended for all waterworks operators. If you need an introduction to the applied math and science of waterworks operations, or if you need to brush-up your skills in these areas, this course is for you.

Participant Funding

Virginia tech has been awarded grant monies from VDH for participant funding for this course. Funding covers most of your registration fee, which includes lodging (for those who select lodging), refreshment breaks, lunch, flashdrive with course materials, and dinner on night one. Register early to ensure your seat in the course, as space is limited.

Continuing Education Units
Participants will receive 3.5 CEUs (equal to 35 contact hours) for successful completion of the course. A digital certificate of completion will be awarded at the conclusion of the course.

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More Information

Questions about the course:
Please feel free to contact Cary Hoge, Program Coordinator, Continuing and Professional Education at Virginia Tech, if you have any questions about the content of the course, Cary can be reached by e-mail: or phone: 540-231-5182.

Information about registration:
Please contact Continuing and Professional Education by email: or phone: 540-231-5182.

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