Mid-Atlantic Public Works Institute
Mid-Atlantic Public Works Institute

Is This for Me?

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Is this program for me?

Here are some helpful guidelines to see if the Mid-Atlantic Public Works Institute is a good fit for you. The more of these that apply to you, the more likely you are well-suited to complete the program.

  • I have good oral and written communication skills. I am a good listener, can understand facts and can relate those facts to a third person.

  • I have good interpersonal skills. I work well with co-workers, help members of the public, and communicate effectively with my supervisors.

  • I am self-motivated. I have the maturity and time-management skills to make sure deadlines are met.

  • I am a person who values others and effective teams.

  • I am comfortable with most technology used in my industry and am eager to learn new skills.

"Very informative. Great ideas for building a stronger department."

What If...

  • I am already a supervisor or manager? Fantastic! Use The Institute to learn new management skills.

  • I am a supervisor of someone who needs this? Please have a frank discussion with this person about their goals and developmental needs and, if agreeable, have them contact us immediately to get registered.

  • I have been out of the public works arena for a few years but want to return? The Institute is a perfect way to re-enter the public works workplace by reminding you of much of the technical information you already know and helping you to create a new supportive network of future coworkers!