2011 Conference on Social Media in Hospitality and Tourism - October 21-22, 2011 -  Verona, Italy
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Conference Co-Chairs: John Crotts, Vincent Magnini, and Anita Zehrer

Web 2.0 communication platforms such as blogs and other forms of social networking are altering the playing field for many hospitality and tourism providers. Therefore, the purpose of the 2011 Conference on Social Media in Hospitality and Tourism is to explore opportunities associated with this revised business environment.

Keynote Speakers

photo Greg Kihlstrom is an internationally-recognized Interactive Designer whose work has won international awards, been published in books and magazines and design websites. He is currently Chief Creative Officer at Carousel30 Interactive in Washington DC a digital agency with a strong social media and search engine marketing focus, in addition to interactive design and development capabilities. Greg has been at the forefront of emerging trends in marketing on the Web ever since his days being involved in some of the first online grassroots marketing initiatives in the nineties. He has continued to innovate in the area of online marketing and advertising through social media outreach, search engine marketing for a variety of industries including tourism and hospitality.

photo Sebastian Heinzel, 34, is the founder and CEO of the social travel guide tripwolf.com and has traveled to more than 70 countries. Prior to tripwolf he pursued a career in journalism, reporting for top-of-the-line German and Austrian media such as "profil", "Die Zeit" and "Spiegel Online" from all over the world. He kicked off tripwolf in 2007 while living in New York, relocating to Vienna, Austria, in late 2008. Today tripwolf.com is one of the biggest European social travel sites with versions in five languages and very popular mobile applications.

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