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"BASE added to my general understanding of how the world works. It will allow me to put my knowledge into a global context"

"I think I can use an understanding of basic accounting in order to increase my marketability in the job market. Having an understanding of how money flows within an organization will be advantageous. The tools provided are important to any organization, I feel that if a question were to arise in the future I would know and understand enough now to be able to find the answer.”

"I really enjoyed my BASE experience. It was intensive but I feel better prepared for the job market."



These are challenging economic times. Organizations today expect members of their team to act responsibly, both fiscally and ethically. No matter where your first job; you will be working for an organization which expects technical skills and some business savvy. Every organization utilizes business principles. Wouldn’t it be nice to learn those skills while you are still in college? Wouldn’t it be nice to have those skills combined in an intensive program which would still allow time for a summer job or internship? These basic level business principles have been packaged in the Business Applications Summer Experience, also known as BASE. BASE is offered through Management & Professional Development in the Pamplin College of Business.

About BASE

This program provides students with a career advantage by delivering an understanding of basic business principles. The three-week, non-credit certification program exposes fundamental business skills to non-business majors and minors. Business topics include accounting, finance, economics, marketing, business communications and business etiquette, leadership, management, personal finance, and strategy. Participants are also given the opportunity to update résumés, practice interview skills, and create a job search strategy. The learning experience is further enhanced through an entrepreneurial, integrated team project that provides real-world applicability to the curriculum.

Upon successful completion of the BASE program, participants are awarded a Certificate of Applied Business and will have a competitive edge when entering the job market.

About The Pamplin College of Business

The Pamplin College of Business was named after Robert B. Pamplin in 1986 in recognition of a very generous gift from Robert B. Pamplin and his son, both graduates in business. The Pamplin College of Business is ranked in the nation's top 50 undergraduate business schools by U.S. News & World Report.

Who Should Attend

Who Should Attend Non-business majors and minors. Juniors and seniors seeking degrees from The College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, College of Engineering, College of Science, College of Architecture and Urban Studies, and College of Natural Resources. Student must have 60 credits in major.

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