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The 2009 Joint ASCE-ASME-SES Conference on Mechanics and Materials - June 24-27, 2009 - Blacksburg, VA

Conference Symposia

8th Symposium on Biological and Biologically Inspired Materials (Dinesh Katti and Christian Hellmich)

Advances in Computational Fluid Dynamics (EMI Fluids committee)

Advances in Health Monitoring and System Identification of Civil Structures (Taciroglu and Kijewski-Correa)

Advances in the Treatment of Interface Problems in Mechanics (Hashem M. Mourad and Ilinca Stanciulescu)

Biological Fluid Mechanics (EMI Fluids committee)

Buoyant Jets and Plumes (EMI Fluids committee)

Coastal Hydrodynamics (EMI Turbulence committee)

Computational Methods for Modeling and Quantification of Structural Flaws (Haim Waisman and Andrew Smyth)

Computational modeling and remodeling of biological tissues in physiological and pathophysiological conditions (Rafael Grytz and G√ľnther Meschke)

Ecological Hydrodynamics (EMI Turbulence committee)

Environmental Fluid Mechanics (EMI Fluids and Turbulence committees)

Experimental Methods in Fluid Mechanics (EMI Fluids committee)

Fluid-Structure interaction (EMI Fluids committee)

Geomechanics and Elasticity (ASCE Elasticity and ASME Geomechanics committees)

Impact//blasting/penetration of granular materials (Linbing Wang)

Innovative Instrumentation and Experimental Methods in Engineering Mechanics Research (Steve Cai and Asad Esmaeily)

Instability in Solids and Structures (S. Kyriakides and N. Triantafyllidis)

Interfacing Bio and Nano Phenomena (Tian Tang, Yaling Liu, and Wei Hong)

Jamming/granular flow (Matthew Kuhn, Jean-Noel Roux)

Material response to shock loading (computational and experimental) (Avinash Dongare, Arunachalam Rajendran and Bruce LaMattina)

Materiomics - materials science of biological protein materials (Markus Buehler) SES

Mathematical Tools: A Frontier Between Mathematics and Engineering (Rafal Ablamowicz and Jane Liu)

Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures (Pizhong Qiao and Wieslaw K. Binienda)

Mechanics of Biomembranes (George Lykotrafitis, Ju Li, Sulin Zhang, Greg Huber and Ming Dao)

Mechanics of Liquid Crystals (Raffaella De Vita and Iain Stewart)

Mechanics of Pavements and Paving Materials (Linbing Wang)

Mechanics of Phase Transformations (Jiangyu Li, Kaushik Dayal and Sam Daly)

Mechanics of Soft Matter and Soft "Intelligent" Materials (Oscar Lopez-Pamies, Martin I. Idiart, and T. A. Venkatesh)

Mesomechanics and Characterization of Smart Material Systems and Structures (Yasuhide Shindo)

Micromechanics of materials (Igor Sevostianov)

Molecular mechanics (Ishwar Puri and Sohail Murad)

Multiscale Behavior of Damage and Failure Mechanics (Lizhi Sun, J. Woody Ju, and George Z. Voyiadjis)

Multiscale Modeling and Characterization of Nano-structured Polymer Composites (Jaret C. Riddick)

Multi-scale Modeling of Defects in Materials (Kaushik Dayal, Vikram Gavini and Craig Maloney)

Multi-scale Modeling of Geomaterials (Mustafa Alsaleh)

Multi-scale/multi physics in granular materials (Hayley Shen, Mustafa Alsaleh, John Peters)

Mutiscale modeling and soil-machine interaction (Mustafa Alsaleh and Richard Regueiro)

Mutliscale Modeling and Multiscale Mechanics (Youping Chen, Shaofan Li and Rich Lehoucq)

Nano Structured Materials Multi-Scale Modeling and Simulation (Ahmed Al-Ostaz and Chung Song)

Nano-, Bio-, Cellular and Multifunctional Materials (Xin-Lin Gao, Xi Chen, Rashid Abu Al-Rub and Zoubeida Ounaies)

New Trends in Microporomechanics: multiple phases and irreversible behavior (Bernhard Pichler, Luc Dormieux, and Christian Hellmich)

Nonlinear Oscillations and Instabilities of Advanced Structures Including MEMS and NEMS (Paulo Batista and Jose Balthazar)

Particle-fluidized interaction (Pierre Hicher)

Predictability of Quantum to Continuum Simulations For Later Corroboration With Experiments (Vikas Tomar)

Properties of Concrete under High Temperatures (Yunping Xi and Romildo Toledo)

Rate dependent behavior of granular materials (Ching S. Chang, Anil Misra)

Recent Advances of Nondestructive Evaluation and Test Method in Transportation Engineering (Huiming Yin and James N. Lee)

Reduced-order Modeling of Large Multi-Disciplinary Systems (Muhammad Hajj and Ishwar Puri)

Shape Memory Alloys (Lagoudas, Patoor and Bertacchini)

Soil/Machine interactions (Kaiming Xia and Mustafa Alsaleh)

Spine Mechanics and Related Devices (Robert Rizza)

Stability of Solids and Structures (Dinar Camotim and Pizhong Qiao)

Structural Optimization: Advances and applications in solid, structural, and fluid mechanics (James Guest)

Symposium in honor of Zdenek Bazant (Horacio Espinosa)

Teaching Mechanics (EMI Education committee)

Turbulence and Fluid Mechanics in Renewable Energy (EMI Fluids and Turbulence committees)

Turbulence Measurement and Modeling (EMI Turbulence committee)

Urban and Suburban Environmental Fluid Mechanics (EMI Fluids committee)

Vibratory Energy Harvesting Systems (Jeff Scruggs and Dan Inman)

Vulnerability of Structures subject to Extreme Dynamic Loading (Ahmed Al-Ostaz and Christopher Mullen)

Wind Engineering and Hazard (EMI Turbulence committee)


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