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KAI is widely hailed as one of the most robust and insightful measures available to management and team-building experts. KAI is a measure of cognitive style, using a continuum of Adaption and Innovation.

Developed over the past 40 years, Adaption- Innovation (A-I) Theory and KAI have an unrivalled pedigree in the field of cognitive style, supported by over 340 refereed articles and 100 post-graduate theses. (More about KAI Theory)

From its original academic background, KAI has been widely adopted by management consultants and HR professionals. KAI is used extensively in corporations and organizations around the world, including many universities and military training centers.

KAI, Cognitive Style and Leadership

KAI provides you with insight into how people solve problems and interact while making decisions. This enables you to improve the dynamics and output of your teams, while reducing stress and improving productivity.

Understanding differences in cognitive style empowers you to offer effective leadership, by enabling personnel to work in their preferred style. This reduces stress, increases efficiency, and improves the working environment for all your people.

Understanding and acting on cognitive style will help you to retain the best staff, and get better performance from your teams.

"KAI is a powerful, simple and eloquent tool. We use it in a broad range of applications from individual career coaching, team-building, and creative problem solving, to organization structure design. The bottom line is: applying KAI is paying off in improved productivity." 

KAI and its use

KAI measures preferred style of problem solving and creativity. It is used for:

KAI Accreditation Course

As a Certificated KAI Practitioner you will be able to administer and use the KAI inventory, an effective and highly marketable psychometric inventory. KAI is provided online, or as a paper form, and is available in a range of languages.

The KAI Accreditation Course is a 4 1/2 day course that offers a fresh, inspirational approach to problem solving and leadership. The KAI Accreditation Course is ideal for people who are:

Master Classes

Master Classes are for KAI Practitioners who wish to update their KAI Accreditation after four years of using the KAI. KAI Practitioners do not need to attend the Accreditation Course in order to attend the Master Class. To register, go to the Registration page.

Online KAI Discovery Workshop: Positioning Your Ideas for Acceptance

Want to know more about KAI? Want to know your own KAI score and gain insights into your preferred problem-solving style? Would you like to improve how well your ideas are accepted in your team? Find out more at our exciting new online workshop. (...more information).

KAI Symposium
February 23-24, 2022 - Register!

Adaption - Innovation - Wellness

The Center for Cooperative Problem Solving, at Virginia Tech, in partnership with the KAI Distribution Centre, will be hosting its first KAI Symposium, celebrating 45 years of KAI and Kirton’s Adaption-Innovation Theory. You will learn more about how one’s problem-solving style applies to creativity, remote work, health and health care, systems thinking, science of teams, military training, leadership, management of change, recruitment and diversity, culture, process and technique, and product/service development

Download the Call for Presentations - Due January 4th, 2021

The event will be held completely online, following Eastern Standard Time, and will incorporate opportunities for networking, chatting, and discussing the latest insights with KAI practitioners from around the world.

Download the schedule: 2022KAISymposiumScheduleAtAGlance.pdf

If you would like to learn more about how one's problem-solving style applies to creativity, remote work, health and health care, systems thinking, science of teams, military training, leadership, management of change, recruitment and diversity, culture, process and technique, and product/service development, we encourage you to attend.

KAI Accreditation Course ***

Coming in 2022

June 12-17, 2022

September 12-23, 2022
Online - Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

December 5-16, 2022
Online - Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

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KAI Master Class

December 9-10, 2022
Online - Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

Registration coming soon.

KAI Symposium

February 23-24, 2022
Online - Eastern Standard Time (EST)

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What is your problem-solving style?

Adaption - Innovation Continuum

More Adaptive
  • Perceived as sound, conforming, and intolerant of ambiguity
  • Tendency to seek solutions within the system
  • Aimed at “doing things better”
  • Prefer well-established, structured situations
More Innovative
  • Perceived as exciting, risky and a threat to the established system
  • Tendency to seek solutions from outside the system
  • Aimed at "doing things differently"
  • Prefer less structured situations
Diversity of problem solving styles is needed
to address complex issues.

Note: To be certified, participants must attend the entire course and pass the end of course exam. There will be evening work on days 2, 3 and 4, which must be completed and will be assessed. The pre-course reading includes the book 'Adaption-Innovation in the Context of Diversity & Change’ of which chapters 1, 2 & 3 are critical. Also, to maintain your qualification you will need to attend a Master Class every four years, and have administered at least 100 KAIs over each four year period (otherwise full re-certification is required).

*** KAI Accreditation Course is only being offered in the United States by Virginia Tech at this time.

KAI Accreditation Course Content

The KAI Accreditation Course includes a thorough grounding in Adaption-Innovation theory. The course includes case studies, exercises and an exam. Topics covered in the course include:

During the course you will:

For questions regarding course content, contact Dr. Curt Friedel - cfriedel@vt.edu - Tel: (540) 231-8177