ICSB 2017 - 18th International Conference on Systems Biology - August 6-12,  2017 - Blacksburg, Virginia - USA


Sunday: all day

Organizers: Henning Redestig, Nikolaus Sonnenschein, Zachary King, Moritz Beber and Danny Dannaher
Tutorial: Metabolic flux modeling and computer aided strain design with cobrapy, cameo and DD-DeCaF
- ICSB17Tutorial3.pdf

Organizers: Martin Golebiewski, Frank Bergmann, Michael L. Blinov, Akira Funahashi, Ron Henkel, Noriko Hiroi, Stefan Hoops, Ursula Kummer, Leslie Loew, Pedro Mendes, Chris Myers, Jürgen Pahle, Sven Sahle and Andreas Weidemann
Tutorial: COMBINE Tutorial - Modelling and Simulation Tools in Systems Biology
- COMBINETutorialAgendaICSB2017_final.pdf
Also see: http://co.mbine.org/events/tutorial2017

Organizers: Andrew Gentles and Olivier Gevaert
Workshop on “Computing the immune system in cancer”
- ICSB17Workshop1.pdf

Organizers: Rebecca Wattam
Workshop: The PATRIC bioinformatics resource center for omic data analysis
- ICSB17Workshop4.pdf

Organizers: Justin Barone
Workshop: Multi-scale metabolic modeling and engineering
- ICSB17Workshop6.pdf

Sunday: afternoon only

Organizers: John Tyson and Bela Novak
Tutorial: Network Dynamics and Cell Physiology
- ICSB17Tutorial1.pdf

Organizers: Tomas Helikar and Julio Saez-Rodriguez
Tutorial: 4th International Hands-on Tutorial on Logical Modeling​​​​​​​
- LogicalModelingTutorial-ICSB2017v2.pdf

Monday: morning only

Organizers: Brian Drawert and Linda Petzold
Tutorial: StochSS: An Integrated Development Environment for Simulation and Analysis of Discrete Stochastic Biochemical Models
- StochSS_tutorial_abstract.pdf

Organizers: John Tyson and Bela Novak
Tutorial: Network Dynamics and Cell Physiology (continued)
- ICSB17Tutorial1.pdf

Organizers: T. M. Murali and Aditya Bharadwaj
Tutorial: GraphSpace: Interdisciplinary Collaborations in Network Biology
- ICSB17Tutorial5.pdf

Organizers: Stefan Hoops, Ursula Kummer, Pedro Mendes and Sven Sahle
Tutorial: COPASI Tutorial
- ICSB17Tutorial6.pdf

Organizers: Bryan Lewis, Madhav Marathe and Anil Kumar Vullikanti
Tutorial: Mathematical and computational foundations of infectious disease epidemiology
- ICSB17Tutorial7.pdf

Organizers: Marc Hafner, Caitlin E Mills, Adam C Palmer and Kartik Subramanian
Workshop: Workshop on Drug Response Measurement and Analysis
- ICSB17Workshop2.pdf

Organizers: Alborz Bejnood
Workshop: Developing Tutorials For Research Tools And Methods
- ICSB17Workshop3.pdf

Organizers: Valeriu Damian and Saroja Ramanujan
Workshop: Quantitative Systems Pharmacology
- ICSB17Workshop5.pdf

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