Contract Graduate Programs

Continuing and Professional Education

Continuing and Professional Education can facilitate the delivery of academic credit graduate programs on a contract basis for your organization. Graduate certificates and individual courses can be offered to your employees outside of the traditional campus classroom via interactive video conference technology and in-person instruction on site at your location.

Corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations can benefit from the following:

  • Access to high quality curriculum and research from Virginia Tech.
  • An increased knowledge base for your organization.
  • Building employee and team skill levels and productivity.
  • A trusted partner that offers a clear point of contact within the university.

Course participants can benefit from the following:

  • The flexibility and convenience of courses held at a nearby location.
  • A chance to learn within a familiar cohort.
  • The ability to engage faculty around organization-specific case studies and projects with knowledgeable faculty.
  • Building a foundation of graduate courseworkthat could be applied to a future certificate or degree program, depending on the program.
  • Knowledge and expertise to help strengthen credentials for potential advancement.

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