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Virginia Tech - Healthcare Coaching Institute | About
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INSPIRE innovation. COACH professionals. TRANSFORM healthcare.

We Offer...

The Experience to Inspire
At HCI, our leadership coach training program is designed by Master Coaches and thought leaders who are passionate about humanizing the business of healthcare. Our program is a transformative approach that uses coaching methods designed to generate healthier, adaptive, and resilient teams. HCI trained coaches will guide healthcare industry leaders toward personal and professional excellence to create a more inspiring and productive workplace which fosters humanity, dignity, and health.

A Standard of Coaching Excellence
HCI programs are accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). We train participants to become self-aware, wholly curious, and compassionate through a conversational model and coach competency toolkit that satisfies the coursework and mentoring requirements for the ICF professional coach certification. Curriculum options include foundational (70 hours) and professional (125 hour) levels of certification through the ICF, the industry’s gold standard certification. Professional coaches seeking CCEUs can take relevant electives and courses after a review from our concierge team to add healthcare coaching to their offerings.

An Approach that Transforms
The Healthcare Coaching Institute is designed to advance leadership capabilities using a simple equation: the finest faculty interpreting the most relevant curriculum through proprietary techniques. We are pioneers in leadership coach training. And we know that a blended approach is essential to achieving meaningful outcomes. The HCI curriculum is offered in virtual and live segments, providing a combination that respects your busy schedule and sharpens interpersonal skills. Live classroom intensives take place in Roanoke, Virginia at the Hotel Roanoke Conference Center, where you are introduced to a comprehensive conversational model and practice distinctions for leadership coaching.

Each of the following offerings are sections and building blocks from the HCI ACTP PCC Level Coach Certification:

HCI ACTP PCC Level Coach Certification - 125 hours
The 125-hour course provides a complete transformational pathway from proficient coach to professional coach. Whether you are a leader seeking to better develop and coach your team, an internal HROD professional who wants to hone your coaching skills for more impact, or a professional in transition who wants to create a new career path, this rigorous course prepares you for a career as a coach. The deep practice of coaching comes to life in the well-designed series of intensives and virtual classes that build and deepen skills. This course is ICF accredited and includes all required supervision in the mentoring labs, the intensives, and ten recorded sessions for mentor coach feedback. Enroll now.

HCI Leadership Certification - 70 hours
Designed for those looking to gain the practical application of coaching, earn entry level professional certification and be recognized as a Leadership Coach with specialized knowledge of the healthcare industry. This course becomes a building block for all continuing and advanced coach education and will earn you the first level Associate Coach Certification, ACC. For those who seek to use coaching in a consultative way or as a platform for a leadership approach, this is an easy commitment and first step. It includes resident intensives 1 and 2, plus three mentoring sessions needed for the ACC. So this track includes everything you need except for tracking your coaching hours. Enroll now.

HCI Advanced Professional Certification - 75 hours
Designed for those who have experienced the Leadership Certification course with HCI, or entry level training through other accredited coach training programs and want to take a deeper dive with master coaches as instructors, this course will guide you to achieve the gold standard advanced certification at the PCC level and set you on a course for mastery in leadership coaching. You will also gain a greater understanding of the evolving needs in the healthcare industry. This course includes resident Intensives 2 and 3, plus virtual classes and 3 required mentoring sessions. You will need to continue tracking your coaching activity to attain 500 contact hours, and take the Coach Knowledge Assessment through the ICF. Enroll now.

Course Timeline: 2019MarchHCITimeline125-Hour.pdf

Our team is happy to consult with you on the right direction and we can create custom packages depending on background and needs.