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 Grid Technologies Collaborative 2013 -June 9-10, 2013 -  Executive Briefing Center, VTRC -Arlington, VA
Developing advanced power electronics technologies for grid scale applications.

In order to further our mission to develop advanced grid-scale power electronics devices and systems, we will hold our first national GTC Conference on June 10, 2013, (attending the June 9th reception is optional) at the Virginia Tech Research Center in Arlington, VA. Conference invitees include a select audience of key government agency representatives and potential industry partners to introduce the GTC team, our mission and capabilities, and to discuss the unique benefits of collaborating with this regional group of research institutions.

The conference will include several concurrent workshops, each addressing a particular area of research focus, with GTC technical lead members working with our invited guests to develop plans for advancing our mission and activities in order to address critical industry needs in the area of power electronics technology developments and applications.

The conference will begin with a keynote address, discussing the challenges and opportunities of the twenty-first century grid, and the need for advanced devices, systems, controls, security, and communications as the grid evolves and integrates hybrid AC/DC infrastructure, distributed and renewable generation and energy storage, and emerging AC and DC demand.

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Note: The conference date is June 10. Attending the June 9 reception is optional.

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Wayne Honath
University Energy Partnership
Diretor, Program Development and Industry Relations, GTC

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