CoFE - Conference of Food Engineering - April 2-4, 2012 - The National Conference Center - Leesburg, Virginia

The eleventh Conference of Food Engineering (CoFE 2012) is a three-day conference designed to promote the exchange of ideas between industry and academia, stay current with emerging technologies for the processing of foods, and identify new research directions that are relevant to the industry.

An outstanding panel of speakers in 3 plenary sessions and 21 oral technical sessions will be featured, with themes for the plenary sessions focusing on issues related to commercialization of new technologies and sustainability in the food processing industry. The oral technical sessions will be presented by experts in a specific research area within the food-engineering field. Participants will be invited to complement these oral presentations with their own recent research results and experience in the form of interactive posters

There will also be two tutorial (workshop) sessions on more demanding areas of food engineering that are relevant to the industry and will provide a life-long learning opportunity to industry professionals.

  • Tutorial workshop on multi-phase computational modeling
  • Tutorial workshop on process kinetics in emerging food process technologies

Please join us at the Pre-Conference Short Course Eat More Fruits and Vegetables that will focus on newly developed processing techniques for fresh fruits and vegetables.

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