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Upcoming: September 18, October 23, and November 13, 2012
8:30 am -12:30 pm
Who should coach — Coaching from the inside

Managers and supervisors often need to build coaching competencies to successfully develop and optimize their employees and improve the overall performance of their organizations.

Why train internal coaches? The October 2011 magazine of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) included research on the difference coaching can make to an organization. High performing companies had managers who provided coaching to their staff more often than low performing companies. According to a study conducted by the International Coach Federation (ICF), companies that use or have used professional coaching for business reasons have seen a median return on investment of seven times their initial investment.

This program follows the curriculum guidelines set by the ICF for specific training that is required for anyone who wants to be certified by the ICF.

How does coaching differ from mentoring? A mentor is a sounding board who gives advice but the partner is free to pick and choose what he or she does. The context does not have specific performance objectives. A coach tries to direct a person to some end result. The person may choose how to get there, but the coach strategically assesses and monitors the progress and gives advice for effectiveness and efficiency. Mentoring is biased in favor of the mentee. Coaching, however, is impartial and focuses on improvement in behavior.

A coach has a set agenda to reinforce or change skills and behaviors. Coaching is about performance; mentoring is personal. While it is appropriate and desirable for a person’s immediate supervisor to coach them, it is best if a mentor is not in the direct reporting line.

Who should attend

This program is geared toward professionals who serve as coaches within their organizations — mid-level managers, newly promoted supervisors, or human resource professionals. This coaching program is unique in that the primary focus is on professionals who will coach from inside an organization. The course is ideal for managers who want to re-examine their traditional approach to leadership or for those who value the benefit of coaching for higher performance.

External established coaches and other professionals, such as organization development consultants, will also gain from this program by learning with internal coaches. Whether participants are pursuing a full-time coaching career or integrating these skills into an existing practice, they will gain insight into the methodology of coaching from within an organization.

Learning objectives

Participants will learn and practice:

  • Coaching ethics and standards
  • Basic coaching principles and how are they are applied in the workplace
  • Foundational coaching competencies and how they relate to individuals and teams
  • Foundational skills needed for effective coaching
  • Tools and models to support diverse coaching needs and situations
  • Key elements of the coaching relationship
  • Effective listening and feedback techniques
  • Planning, implementing, and managing the coaching process
  • Use of coaching for intervention

Future plans for customizing an individual certificate program

Plans are underway to offer additional courses for those who wish to earn credentials. Our model is flexible and allows individuals to customize and build their own certificate program. To earn a Business Coaching Certificate, one must complete all six required courses and two electives. Courses may be taken in any order, and taking core courses prior to electives is not required. Additional courses will be available on or before the 2013 spring semester. There are no prerequisites required in order to pursue the certificate program. Anyone who successfully completes this core course may use it toward the certificate requirements.

Our individual courses and comprehensive certificate program follow the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) curriculum guidelines for specific training required for a coach who wants to become certified through the ICF.

For further information about the program, contact Ann Brown at or 540-231-7966.

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