The Business of Brewing  -  January 25 - 39, 2021 - The Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center - Roanoke, Virginia
The Business of Brewing  -  January 25 - 39, 2021 - The Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center - Roanoke, Virginia


Star City Brewers Guild- Logo

Star City Brewers Guild

The Star City Brewers Guild ("SCBG" or "the Guild") is the area's only homebrewers' club officially recognized by the AHA (American Homebrewers Association). The SCBG serves the Roanoke Valley and surrounding areas and includes members from as far away as Lynchburg, Martinsville, and Blacksburg, Virginia.  At the end of 2014, the Guild consisted of 80 paid members, including single memberships and couples.  The SCBG meets monthly, but is much more than monthly meetings.  The Guild as a group, and as individual members, has a recognizable presence in the Roanoke Valley as knowledgeable advocates for quality brewing and good beer, both homebrewed and craft-brewed.

Chaos Mountain- Logo

Chaos Mountain

Carter Bank and Trust - Logo

Carter Bank & Trust

Parkway Brewing Company - Logo

Parkway Brewing Company

The story of Parkway Brewing Company is a love story, a story that embodies the American Dream, a story of do-it-yourself determination, a story that continues on an exciting journey- much like the scenic highway for which Parkway Brewing is named. Two couples with a dream: a Master Brewer with a scientist’s brain and an artist’s palate, a visionary instigator with a dogged determination and their two creative and clever wives saw craft beer culture exploding across the nation and wanted to bring it home to the mountains of SW Virginia. Since opening in 2013 on Kessler Mill Road in tiny Salem, Virginia, Parkway Brewing Company has not only created some of the state’s tastiest brews, but they have created a place that has brought together a community of like-minded, free-spirited beer lovers with a penchant for the great outdoors.

Gentry Locke Attorneys- Logo

Gentry Locke

With more than 100 breweries, over 275 wineries, and the growing list of specialized distilleries in the Commonwealth, it's clear that these businesses are a great match for Virginia. Gentry Locke's experience has shown that their attorneys are a great match for the people driving this industry, whether in Roanoke or throughout the region. Gentry Locke knows that you have business needs like any other business, but with the addition of regulatory oversight. That's why their team approach to handling these matters is ideal for ensuring that your business can start, proceed, and develop in the way you had envisioned.

Twin Creeks Brewing Company- Logo

Twin Creeks Brewing Company

Twin Creeks Brewing Company is Vinton and Roanoke County's first micro brewery, and is the place in Vinton where folks stop by after work or on a weekend to get a great craft beer and enjoy time spent with family and friends. In 2019 Twin Creeks Brewing opened a second location at Explore Park in Roanoke County - Twin Creeks Brew Pub. This location offers a full-service restaurant, Virginia wine and cider, and outdoor music events.

Brown Edwards - certified public accountants- Logo

Brown Edwards & Co.

The professionals at Brown Edwards provide 5 star service to ensure that your organization flourishes and prospers. What they offer is peace of mind. Peace of mind that comes from working with a strong, knowledgeable accounting firm. From traditional assurance and tax services to the latest in professional business advisory and consulting services, Brown Edwards provides you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Big Lick Brewing Company- Logo

Big Lick Brewing Company

Originally Roanoke’s first Nano Brewery, Big Lick’s success has been built through the development of quality beers, brewed with the best ingredients, by people using state of the art equipment.

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