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ACCIAC Leadership Conference - Civility in a Global Society: Going Pro - February 20-22, 2009 - VT Campus -Blacksburg, VA

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The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) has long supported the efforts of its member institutions in developing student leaders - through athletics and campus-life. Through the support of the ACC, Virginia Tech is proud to host the Second Annual ACCIAC Student Leadership Conference.

February 20-22, 2009 student leaders from 11 of the 12 ACC Colleges and Universities will have opportunity to learn through intensive engagement in educational sessions, keynote addresses, topical content exploration, simulations, and experiential application.

It is our distinct pleasure to build upon the wonderful groundwork laid by our friends at University of Virginia in 2008, when the theme related specifically "sustainability".

In complement with the mission of the ACC Intercollegiate Academic Consortium (IAC) the 2009 conference theme is "Civility in a Global Society: Going Pro". During the conference, our common experiences will allow us to explore a variety of topics: from discussions on etiquette with respect to a variety of cultural perspectives, to the meaning of civility, to how to create effective civic changes on local and collaborative levels thus allowing student leaders and the ACC campuses to work together to affect the revolutionizing global times in deeper and more fulfilling ways.

"Global means more than just sourcing or selling in foreign markets. It means recognizing that as we become more interconnected and interdependent, the basic processes of leadership and management must evolve to keep pace with the changing marketplace. It means that leaders need not just to "go global" but to "think global."

- Author: Albert Vicere,

n 1: formal or perfunctory politeness [ant: {incivility}]
2: the act of showing regard for others [syn: {politeness}]

"The insolent civility of a proud man is, if possible, more shocking than his rudeness could be." --Chesterfield.

Stay tuned to this site for tools to help advisors recruit student delegates; arrange travel to our campus and the conference itinerary and delegate resources.

We are excited to host you in the beautiful New River Valley as we share the best of what makes our campus communities unique and celebrate our common threads.

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