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National Health Outreach Conference  - April 6-8, 2016 - The Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center - Roanoke, Virginia
National Health Outreach Conference  - April 6-8, 2016 - The Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center - Roanoke, Virginia

General Information

The 2016 National Health Outreach Conference theme is: All Aboard: Building Partnerships for a Healthy America. This conference was formerly referred to as the Jeanne Priester Health conference and is intended for health professionals, health educators, health policy makers, and anyone interested in learning more about physical and mental wellness. Our goal is to offer a participatory and collaborative conference joining organizations and agencies to encourage working across systems locally, regionally and nationally to address current and future health and wellness education, practices and needs. The conference is designed for you to learn innovative and creative strategies to develop and disseminate health and wellness information in neighborhoods, communities and states.

2016 National Health Outreach Conference objectives:

The objectives of the conference are to increase participants' knowledge of:

  1. Successful practices that lead to healthy and safe community environments
  2. Applications that help people access clinical and community preventive services
  3. Models for empowerment in health practices for individuals and families
  4. Best practices that lead to addressing health disparities and health literacy in communities and families

Jeanne M. Priester Award:

The Jeanne M. Priester Award honors the accomplishments and contributions of Jeanne M. Priester to the Cooperative Extension System. Ms. Priester was a leader in advancing health education within the Cooperative Extension System during her tenure at the United States Department of Agriculture. The purpose of the award is to honor Extension programs that positively impact the health of people across the United States and provide leadership to expand Extension’s capacity to increase the number of Americans that are healthy at every stage of life. The Priester Award will recognize sound and innovative health and wellness programs at the county, state and national level.

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