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Conference Details - Technical Tracks

MSEC technical tracks

Track 1 Symposia: Materials
1-1: Micromechanics and Microstructure Evolution
1-2: Manufacturing of Engineered Material Systems

Track 2 Symposia: Processing
2-1: Energy Field Processes (NMMM)
2-2: Assisted Manufacturing Processes
2-3: Joining and Assembly Processes
2-4: Solid-State Manufacturing Processes
2-5: Abrasive Machining
2-6: Materials Forming Processes
2-7: Scalable Nanomanufaturing Processes (NMMM)
2-8: Advances in Modeling of Manufacturing Processes
2-9: Process Characterization for Sustainable Manufacturing
2-10: Processing of Polymers
2-11: Printed Smart Polymers
2-12: Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing
2-13: Machining Advanced Composites and Ceramics
2-14: Composites Manufacturing Processes

Track 3 Symposia: Biomanufacturing
3-1: Bio Biomedical Devices
3-2: Bio Additive Manufacturing Tissue Constructs

Track 4 Symposia: Properties, Applications and Systems
4-1: Equipment Design, Tooling, and Control/Automation
4-2: Process-Machine-Interactions (PMI) in Advanced Manufacturing
4-3: Advances in Cyber Physical Systems
4-4: Data Infrastructure
4-5: Advances in Sustainable Design-Centered Remanufacturing
4-6: Cloud Manufacturing
4-7: Competitive Manufacturing Engineering (CME)
4-8: High Performance Computing and Data Analytics in Manufacturing
4-9: System Informatics
4-10: Quality Assurance in Additive Manufacturing Systems

Track 5 Symposia: Sustainable Manufacturing
5-1: Lifecycle Data Observation
5-2: Lifecycle Carbon Neutral
5-3: Lifecycle Sustainable Processes

Track 6 Symposia: Call For Posters
Call for Posters

Track 7 Symposia: National Manufacturing Initiatives
7-1: Advanced. Manufacturing Research Implementation
7-2: Manufacturing Education

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NAMRC Technical Tracks

Track 1. Manufacturing Systems (General Submission)

Track 2. Manufacturing Processes (General Submission)

Track 3. Additive Manufacturing

Track 4. Cyber-Physical Systems in Manufacturing

Track 5. Manufacturing Education and Workforce Development (together with ASME MSEC)

Track 6. Ranga Komanduri Symposium on Advances in Materials Processing and Manufacturing Processes

To submit your paper to the 44th North American Manufacturing Research Conference (NAMRC) at Virginia Tech in 2016, please see Paper Submission - NAMRC

See papers-namrc.html for track details.

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