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Overview of Course Content


One of the goals of the program is to bring more people to the field of plant operations. Another very important goal is to enhance the understanding, awareness and abilities of practicing operators and those who aspire to become operators.

During this program, the operator is exposed to the basic information which s/he must know in order to become licensed and advance through the various levels of licensure. No attempt is made to structure the short school as a direct prep school for licensure, although the benefits to those taking licensure examinations are evident.

About the Program

Dr. Gregory Boardman, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech, has served as Director of the program since 1980. The program is hosted by Continuing and Professional Education personnel who are involved in all aspects of the program.

The program is divided into eight short courses—three in water and five in wastewater. The first level or first year in each area, water or wastewater, is designed to be introductory. A person need not have any prior training or experience to enroll in the first year class. Additionally, the person need not have a job at a treatment plant to enroll.

hands on class

The lessons in all courses are very applied and practical. Included among the instructors, are DEQ and VDH employees, plant operators, industrial personnel, employees of firms working in the field, and Virginia Tech faculty.

Water 1-3
Coordinator: Greg Boardman
Affiliation: VDH

Wastewater 1-4
Coordinators: Wayne Staples, Jason Spicer
Affiliation: DEQ

Small Onsite Wastewater Systems
Coordinator: Marcia Degen
Affiliation: VDH

Participants should bring
calculators to class.

Course Level/Year Audience Description
1 (Class VI-III) Water/Wastewater Introductory; helps with Class VI-III licensing
2 (Class III-II) Water/Wastewater Intermediate; helps with Class III-II licensing
3 (Class II-I) Water/Wastewater Advanced; helps with Class II-I licensing
4 (Class II-I) Wastewater only Advanced; helps with Class II-I wastewater licensing and covers selected supervisory issues ...more informatoin
Small Onsite Systems Wastewater only Introductory; helps with licensing of operators for small, onsite systems ...more information

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