VIRGINIA TECH Maker Festival  - Saturday, November 3, 2018 - Virginia Tech - Northern Virginia Center - Falls Church, Virginia
Falls Church, Virginia
Saturday, November 3, 2018

Join Virginia Tech and 4-H at the Virginia Tech Maker Festival! This is a day full of creativity, engineering, and resourcefulness where you can learn to make just about anything.

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Demonstrations throughout the day will showcase the broad range of inventiveness that exists in our community. Explore the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and design at this family fun event!



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Our activities from last year include what’s listed below. New activities and exhibitors will be released later on. Check back for more information.

4-H Activities:

  • Eyeball Catapults:
    photo of cupcake liner catapult with a creepy eyeball , ready to launch Dress up a ping pong ball and you have one creepy eyeball to launch! Students can use plastic spoons or cupcake liners as the resting place for their eyeball. All they need to build the catapult properly is some Popsicle sticks and some rubber bands. It is trial and error, discovering what engineering works and what will not work! Students can contend to see whose eyeball will fly the farthest and spook the competition.

  • DIY Slime:
    close up photo of red gooey slime with eyeballs in it. This one might get messy, but what’s Halloween without a little mess? Slime always excites kids because it’s different from anything they’ve ever felt. There are a plethora of simple recipes online for slime, but most include white glue, water, Borax powder, and some food coloring for fun. Bring some measuring spoons and maybe a few paper cups for the students to mix in and you’re in for a slimy surprise! Making slime works on how different substances come together to make the slime and some measurement skills.

  • Bat Paper Plane

  • Candy Corn Dissolving Experiment

  • Rockets to the Rescue

  • Witches Hat Duct Tape Crafts

  • Ghost Rockets Halloween Activity

  • Glowing Oil and Water Experiment

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