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The Virginia Tech Sustainable Water Infrastructure Management (SWIM) Center - Education & Outreach Program

Risk and Resilience Assessments Best Practice for Water Sector
December 11-12, 2019
Arlington, Virginia

The conference will address one of the most pressing societal needs over the next several decades on how to transform the broad spectrum of our water sector infrastructure systems to become more smart, sustainable and resilient to the impacts of extreme events, ecosystem demand, rapid urbanization, and deteriorating aging infrastructure that threatens public and environmental health, food system performance, economic prosperity, and quality of life.

Participants will learn the latest practices and strategies for water sector risk and resilience assessment based on multi-hazards at different scales and under different risks. Attendees will also have several opportunities to network with colleagues at other leading utilities and industry.

Conference Hosts

Logos of the conference hosts: Virginia Tech, Virginia Tech college of engineering - ICTAS  Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science Virginia tech - the Myers-Lawson School of Construction