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Conference: Data Analytics for Improved Water Infrastructure Management The Sustainable Water Infrastructure Management (SWIM) Center is hosting a two-day Conference in Arlington, Virginia, Wednesday, Dec. 14th and Thursday, Dec. 15th to bring together drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater professionals to address issues related to data collection and big data analytics for Utilities. The first day will be a WATERiD (Water Infrastructure Database), PIPEiD (Pipeline Infrastructure Database), and SWIMeD (SWIM Education Program) workshop. The goal of this workshop is to enhance the practice of water infrastructure management and align education, research, and training with long-term needs. This requires the development of a standard asset data structure with a web-based centralized database platform and online certification program to provide state of the industry knowledge and skill-sets. The effective use of Big Data technologies can support decision-making for long-term engineering, management, and daily operational decisions. The second day Data Analytics for Improved Water Infrastructure Management conference features a slate of presentations by leading experts in the field of data collection and analytics for water infrastructure asset management.

Education and Outreach materials and resources for various water infrastructure professionals are available through SWIM Center initiative.

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Data Analytics for Improved Water Infrastructure Management will be held December 14-15, 2016

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