Sociolinguistic Variation and Language Processing Conference (SVLP)  - March 31st-April 2nd, 2016 - The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center   -  Blacksburg, Virginia
Sociolinguistic Variation and Language Processing Conference (SVLP)  - March 31st-April 2nd, 2016 - The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center   -  Blacksburg, Virginia

Sociolinguistic Variation
& Language Processing Conference (SVLP)

March 31st-April 2nd, 2016

The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center , Blacksburg, Virginia


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Thursday 31st March
8:00am Registration & Breakfast
9:15am Introduction & Welcome
9:30am Plenary talk: Meghan Sumner (Stanford). Voices and Variation: What we can learn about processing and representations by investigating spoke word recognition and memory.
10:30am 15 minute break
10:45am Invited Speaker: Molly Babel (University of British Columbia). Phonetic Accommodation: Who is speaking and are we really listening? - Babel_SVALP2016.pdf
11:15am Anne-France Pinget (Utrecht). Linking perception and production in sound change - Pinget_SVALP2016.pdf
11:45am Ellen Dossey (Ohio State). Regional Biases and Phonetic Imitation
12:15pm Meredith Tamminga (U Penn). Individual differences in matched guise performance - Tamminga_SVALP2016.pdf
12:45pm Two hour lunch break
2:45pm Poster Session

Posters (Thursday 31st March, 2:45pm - 4:45pm)

Gisela Tomé Lourido & Bronwen G. Evans (University College London). Can listeners recognize an emergent accent? Accent discrimination in the bilingual community of Galicia - TomeLourido_Evans_SVALP2016.pdf

Kirsten Appel & Vanessa Wolter (Copenhagen). Do social expectations towards speakers affect perception of single words?

Mary Michael, Chandler Ray & Aimee Wood (UNC Charlotte). Effects of message style on responses in txting: Abbreviations, Slang, Spanglish, and Emoticons

Casey Myers (Virginia Tech). Exploring social meanings of morphosyntactic variation using the matched guise paradigm - Myers_SVALP2016.pdf

Bridget Smith (Ohio State). Gender and gendered speech expectations in perceptual adaptation

Shelley Feuer (New School for Social Research) & Matthew Stuck (CUNY Grad Center). Grammatical and sociolinguistic constraints on complementizer expression in formal discourse setting

Cassidy Tammaro (Virginia Tech), Morgan Dixon (Virginia Tech), Alison Heck (Kentucky) & Robin Panneton (Virginia Tech). Happy faces + voices facilitate 12-month-olds word-object learning

Leticia Ayala & Robin Panneton (Virginia Tech). Hyperarticulation in mothers’ speech to babies and puppies

Zack Jones & Cynthia Clopper (Ohio State). Influences of regional dialect, gender, and style on speech intelligibility in two listener populations - Jones_Clopper_SVALP16.pdf

Miranda Marques (Virginia Tech). Listener differences in non-traditional anaphora resolution - Marques_SVALP2016.pdf

Zachary De (Ohio State). Social meaning and less conscious sociolinguistic features: The case of /u/ - De_SVALP2016.pdf

Nicolai Pharao (LANCHART; Copenhagen). Speaker age, listener age and vowel perception

Carlo Rivera, Molly Kellington, Laura Mills-Smith & Robin Panneton (Virginia Tech). Static human gaze activity does not diminish infants’ cognitive load during referential learning

Laura Mills-Smith & Robin Panneton (Virginia Tech). Successful referential learning in 14-montholds with minimal pair labels using social cues and eye

Michael Gradoville (Spelman College). Testing the lexical malleability of a priming effect in Portuguese spoken corpus data

Lacey Arnold Wade (U Penn). The role of duration in perception of vowel merger

Tifani Biro (Villanova), Navin Viswanathan (Kansas), Joe Toscano (Villanova). Using naturalistic and engaging tasks to measure phonetic convergence - Biro_Viswanathan_Toscano_SVALP2016.pdf

4:45pm 15 minute break
5:00pm Plenary talk: Jennifer Hay (University of Canterbury). Word-specificity in language variation and change: case studies from New Zealand English
6:00pm Welcome Reception
Friday 1st April
8:00am Registration & Breakfast
9:00am Invited speaker: Katrien Segaert (University of Birmingham). Syntactic processing and influences of the dialogue context and interlocutor characteristics - Segaert_SVALP2016.pdf
9:30am Gita Martohardjono, Ian Phillips, Christen Madsen II, Matthew Stuck, Ricardo Otheguy, Richard Schwartz (CUNY Grad Center). Processing and cross-linguistic influence: An ERP study of second-generation bilinguals and wh-islands.
10:00am Kodi Weatherholtz (Rochester). Variation, social perception and linguistic alignment.
10:30am 15 minute break
10:45am Grant Berry (Penn State). Proactive inhibitory control and the adoption of sound changes in-progress.
11:15am Charlotte Vaughn & Tyler Kendall (Oregon). Listener knowledge about language variation: the case of variable (ING). - Vaughn_Kendall_SVALP2016.pdf
11:45am Jon Forrest (NC State). The Dynamic Interaction between Frequency and Internal Constraints: A Case Study of (ING). - Forrest_SVALP2016.pdf
12:15pm Duna Gylfaddotir (U Penn). Effects of talker dialect on lexical decision involving a merged phoneme. - Gylfadottir_dise_SVALP_slides.pdf
12:45pm Two hour lunch break (lunch on your own)
2:45pm Invited Speaker: Arthur Samuel (Stony Brook University; Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language). Picking Apart Perceptual Recalibration: An Exercise in Applying Experimental Methods. - Samuel_SVALP16.pdf
3:15pm Dave F. Kleinschmidt & Florian T. Jaeger (Rochester). What do you expect from an unfamiliar talker? -
3:45pm Simon Todd*, Meghan Sumner* & Grant Shillington1 (*Stanford; 1Washington University in St. Louis). Attention and socioacoustic salience. - Todd_Sumner_Shillington_SVALP2016.pdf
4:15pm Mike Phelan (Ohio State). Can prosody disambiguate mathematical structure? It depends who’s listening. - Phelan_SVALP2016.pdf
4:45pm 15 minute break
5:00pm Plenary talk: Erez Levon (Queen Mary, University of London). Teasing apart social and cognitive factors in sociolinguistic perception - Levon_SVALP2016.pdf
Saturday 2nd April
8:00am Registration and Breakfast
9:00am Invited speaker: Lauren Squires (Ohio State). Speech genre and context effects in sentence processing: What do you expect when you’re expecting pop songs? - Squires_SVALP2016.pdf
9:30am Anita Szakay (Macquarie). Speaker sex and the processing of grammatical gender: Evidence from Italian-English bilinguals
10:00am Kimberly Geeslin & Tania Leal (Indiana). Processing variable structures: Object clitics in native and L2 Spanish - Geeslin_Leal_SVALP2016.pdf
10:30am 15 minute break
10:45am Invited speaker: Okim Kang (Northern Arizona University). Linguistic Stereotyping: The Effect of Listener Expectations on Speech Evaluation
11:15am Jobie Hui, Brianne Senior & Molly Babel (University of British Columbia). The role of names in the familiar language advantage - Hui_Senior_Babel_SVALP2016.pdf
11:45am Abby Walker, Andrew Burlile & Katherine Askew (Virginia Tech). Listener and dialect effects in the false memory paradigm - Walker_Burlile_Askew_SVALP2016.pdf
12:15pm Lauren Schmidt (San Diego State). Effects of regional variation on speech processing for second language learners - Schmidt_SVALP2016.pdf
12:45pm Two hour lunch break
2:45pm Invited speaker: Penny Eckert (Stanford). Moving variation up the food chain.
3:15pm Hui Zhao (Queen Mary, University of London). Social meaning and sociolinguistic salience: Beijingers’ perception of variation in Modern Standard Chinese - SVALP_2016.pdf
3:45pm Bronwen Evans, Amy Madigan & Gisela Tome Lourido (University College London). Effects of language background on the development of sociolinguistic awareness: accent processing in monolingual and multilingual 5-6 year old children. - TomeLourido_Evans_SVALP2016.pdf
4:15pm Lynn Clark (Canterbury). Priming and sociophonetic variation in natural speech - Clark_SVALP2016.pdf
4:45pm 15 minute break
5:00pm Plenary talk: Robin Panneton (Virginia Tech).The emerging power of attention to facilitate and guide early language learning in human infancy. - Panneton_SVALP2016.pdf
6:30pm Doors Open for Conference Dinner (Food served from 730pm) - The Club at VTech

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