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The Virginia Tech Catawba Sustainability Center (CSC) serves as living laboratory for the research and demonstration of sustainable practices in land management, agriculture, energy production, and economics. This 377-acre historic dairy farm in Virginia’s Catawba Valley is in the early stages of renovation and is working to address the complex challenges of the future. The CSC is situated in the Upper James River Basin in the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Historically, the Catawba Sustainability Center was a dairy employing nearby residents to provide meat and dairy products to the staff and patients at the Catawba Sanitarium, now known as the Catawba Hospital. In 1988, the hospital transferred 377 acres of its land holdings to Virginia Tech.

It is the mission of the Virginia Tech Catawba Sustainability Center to be an effective resource for the research, development, teaching, and implementation of sustainable practices spanning disciplinary boundaries. The Center’s programming encourages learning, discovery, and engagement among local and international communities, industry leaders, and non-profit organizations.

Leadership Team

Adam Taylor serves as manager of the Catawba Sustainability Center. He oversees all aspects of the university's work related to the Catawba Sustainability Center. He manages center operations and works closely with individuals who utilize the center to help them achieve their business, research, and/or education goals. He works to enhance community partnerships, and creates a programmatic platform for students, faculty, and staff for the development and application of best practices in sustainable development, regionally-focused "green" business development, and best land management practices.

Susan Short is the Associate Vice President of Engagement, and provides administrative oversight on behalf of the Outreach and International Affairs division to the Catawba Sustainability Center.

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