SilviLaser 2017

October 10 - 12, 2017  *  Blacksburg, Virginia
Contacts & Committees


Steering Committee:

Valerie Thomas, Virginia Tech

Randolph Wynne, Virginia Tech

Thomas Fox, Virginia Tech

Bruce Cook, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Hank Shugart, University of Virginia

Ralph Dubayah, University of Maryland

Nicholas Coops, University of British Columbia

Maiza Nara dos-Santos
GIS and Remote Sensing Analyst, Sustainable Landscapes Program
International Institute of Tropical Forestry & International Programs
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA Forest Service)
Fellow researcher, Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA-CNPTIA)

Scientific Committee

Michael Alonzo, American University

Hans-Eric Anderson, USDA Forest Service

John Armston, University of Maryland

Johannes Beidenbach, Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute (NBIO)

Kim Calders, University College London

Laura Duncanson, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Jan Eitel, University of Idaho

Nancy Glenn, Boise State University

David Harding, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Ross Hill, Bournemouth University

Chris Hopkinson, University of Lethbridge

Huaguo Huang, Beijing Forestry University

Kevin Lim, Lim Geomatics

Matti Maltamo, University of Eastern Finland

Ron McRoberts, USDA Forest Service

Felix Morsdorf, University of Zurich

Monika Moskal, University of Washington

Maiza Nara dos Santos, EMBRAPA-CNPM, Brazi

Amy Neuenschwander, University of Texas

Håkan Olsson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Benoît St-Onge, Université du Québec à Montréal

Henrik Persson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Sorin Popescu, Texas A&M University

Philip Radtke, FREC, Virginia Tech

Crystal Schaaf, University of Massachusetts Boston

Matthew Sumnall, Virginia Tech

Paul Treitz, Queen’s University (Kingston, ON)

Jan van Aardt, Rochester Institute of Technology

Cedric Vega, Institut Géographique National, France

Udaya Vepakomma, FPInnovations

Joanne White, Canadian Forest Service

Mike Wulder, Canadian Forest Service

Pang Yong, Chinese Academy of Forestry


For More Information Contact:

Randolph Wynne
Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation
Email: (540) 231-7811

Valerie Thomas
Associate Professor
Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation
(540) 231-0958

For Registration questions:
Elizabeth Caton

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