VIRGINIA TECH Science Festival - Science is bigger than you think! - Saturday, November 4, 2017
Science is bigger than you think!
Saturday, Nov 4, 2017


Read through each position description BEFORE filling out the volunteer application. Position descriptions marked with * require the volunteer to attend an orientation session.

Floater/Variable Assignments as Needed* - These volunteers will be flexible and adaptable to any role that may need additional assistance. Requirements — Flexibility and a can-do attitude! Also responsible for keeping various festival sites tidy and clean.

Logistics Event Support - Assists with various projects around the festival from setting-up and tearing down event areas to helping with the operational and hospitality sides of the festival site. This role can require heavy lifting.

Site/Exhibitor Set-Up* - This role includes a variety of set-up tasks for the various festival sites, including preparing the exhibitor areas, hanging signs and banners, putting up barricades, tents, tables, chairs, etc. Some heavy lifting is involved, as is interacting with exhibitors, event coordinators, and volunteers.

Site/Exhibitor Tear Down - Duties include taking down signs and banners, assisting exhibitors with tearing down, cleaning trash from the surrounding areas. Some standing, bending, lifting 25 lbs or more, and interacting with exhibitors, event coordinators, and volunteers will be required in this position.

Volunteer Check-In* - Responsible for checking in volunteers as they arrive for their shifts and directing volunteers as needed. Will also be responsible for labeling volunteers' valuables, storing volunteers' personal items, and managing communications for festival coordinators. Assist with various exhibitor credential pick-up and check-in locations for festival exhibitors and sponsors.

SAFE (Supporting Autism Friendly Events) Mentor** - Responsible for providing support and assistance to families/guests who may be accompanying a child who has autism. SAFE mentors will also staff VTSF quiet spaces for youth with special needs.

Attendee Access Facilitator* - Works with festival coordinators with all operations in place to assist attendees with disabilities or individuals who may require special services moving around to various sites. Volunteers will be responsible for directing festival attendees with disabilities to areas that are handicapped accessible. They should possess the passion to include everyone in the festival experience.

VTSF Ambassador* - Responsible for providing hospitality to exhibitor dignitaries at the festival site and serving as a supportive, direct resource and information hub for dignitaries, sponsors, attendees, and volunteers.

Crowd Control Facilitator* - This is a physically active position that requires facilitating smooth pedestrian traffic flow throughout various lab tours, monitor attendees, and maintaining clear walkways and aisles.

Operations Support* - Assist before the festival if needed and during the festival. Job tasks include assisting exhibitors in setting up exhibits, running supplies to various sites across the festival. Must be able to walk from one end of the site to the other in 10 minutes or less, and be able to lift 25 lbs or more.

Site/exhibitor Monitor* - Act as a liaison between the exhibitors and festival coordinators and assist exhibitors as needed. This position has a strong presence on the floor and will be asked to be aware of security issues such as unsupervised children, theft from exhibitors, lost or misplaced items. However, volunteers will not be expected to attend to compromising situations. This position involves interacting with exhibitors, event coordinators, attendees, and volunteers.

Information Booth Wiz* - Provides information to festival attendees. Will also manage the main information booth, distribute festival maps, handle lost children, operate lost and found, and distribute first-aid supplies.

Evaluation Data Collector Observation* - Responsible for observing attendees’ interactions with exhibits and recording data, collecting tally of attendees at specific exhibits and times, and collecting data through tallying attendees entrance into the festival.

Evaluation Data Collector - interviews* - Collects research data related to attendees’ perceptions of the festival and exhibits, conducts field interviews with attendees, conducting exit surveys and exit interviews, collecting narrative stories from attendees, and recording research data in accordance with the specified protocol provided.

Sign/Banner/Flyer Hanger - These volunteer assignments will occur in the weeks and days prior to the Festival. Volunteers will post signs, banners, and flyers in various locations around campus and at Festival sites in Blacksburg.

Photographer* - Takes photos of festival for public relations purposes. These volunteers will interact with the public when they request photo release forms from subjects. They will be expected to upload photos to an online storage site promptly.

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