VIRGINIA TECH Science Festival - Science is bigger than you think! - Saturday, October 8, 2016
Science is bigger than you think!
Saturday, Oct 8, 2016

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Visit the Moss Arts Center, Alumni Mall, Henderson Lawn, Newman Library, and College Avenue from 10 AM to 3 PM for all kinds of hands on science exhibits and fun. Also, don't forget to check the Week of Science Schedule for other events happening in Blacksburg. All Virginia Tech Science Festival activities are free and open to the public.

Download an Exhibitor Catalog: VTSF-ExhibitorCatalog2016.pdf

Download a Program: VTSF-Program2016.pdf

3D Printing with the Virginia Tech DREAMS Lab
Come and learn about 3D printing with the Virginia Tech DREAMS Lab! Visitors can interact with 3D printed objects, learn about different kinds of 3D printers, and see first hand our small-scale machines!
Location: Moss Arts Center Grand Lobby

501st Legion's Garrison Tyranus Star Wars costuming organization
Garrison Tyranus
We are a worldwide, charity based Star Wars costuming organization that does local community events like these to help draw attention to the event. We have movie quality costumes, and are always a huge hit with everyone. We will mingle with the crowd and pose for as many pictures as folks will take.
Location: Roving

A Bird in the Hand: How & Why Scientists Study Wild Birds
Virginia Tech Department of Biological Sciences
Why do scientists capture and mark wild birds with colored or electronic tags? You will get to practice capturing and tagging a simulated bird. You will also learn what kind of important information scientists gain from this process!
Location: Moss Arts Center Mezzanine Lobby

All About Optics
OSA student chapter of Virginia Tech
Visitors are encouraged to build one or a few of the several recommended optical systems on their own. Once finished, bring your products home! Do not worry! Our instructors will be with you step by step. Video documentary will be played to introduce the history of optical engineering as well.
Location: Newman Library

The Amazing Grain. Thank You, Agriculture
Agricultural Economics Club (Ag Econ Club)
Learn more about where your food, clothes, and a variety of products come from by filling up free grain jars with cottonseed, corn, wheat, soybeans, and barley. Agriculture is vast, so come learn some fun facts about the world around you and take home a fun reminder of all you've learned!
Location: Moss Arts Center Lawn

American Water Resource Association at Virginia Tech (AWRA): Reducing domestic water usage
American Water Resource Association at Virginia Tech
The EPA estimates the average shower head uses 2.0-2.5 gallons per minute. A 5 minute shower uses over 10 gallons of water, a 10 minute shower uses 20 gallons, and a 15 minute shower uses over 30 gallons. Reducing your shower time to five minutes each day saves 5,475 gallons of water per person/year
Location: Moss Arts Center Balcony Lobby

Are You Gellin'?
Department of Chemistry
Gels exist everywhere from the food you eat to the shampoo you use every day. This exhibit will teach the basic concepts of gelation using hands-on demonstrations for all ages. Experiments will explore everything from the formation of gels to gel properties and real-life applications.
Location: College Avenue / Plaza

Augmented Exercise through Virtual Reality
Have you ever wanted to bike through the mountains but can't make the trip? Our virtual reality allows you to immerse yourself in the experience of traveling and nature from the comfort of your home using a virtual reality headset which tracks your progress on a stationary bike.
Location: Newman Library

Baja SAE at Virginia Tech
Baja SAE at Virginia Tech
Baja SAE is a collegiate design competition to design, manufacture, and test a single seat off-road vehicle that meets the requirements set by the Society of Automotive Engineers.
Location: College Avenue / Plaza

The Balance of Nature
Interfaces of Global Change
There are so many beautiful things to touch, taste, smell, hear, and see all around us thanks to the Earth. But did you know that the Earth needs us to help keep it healthy? Come learn about ways that you can help take care of our planet and keep nature in balance.
Location: Moss Arts Center Lawn

Be a Watershed Detective!
Virginia Tech LEWAS Lab
Where does all the Blacksburg rain go? What about the salt on snowy roads or our lawn's fertilizer? Put on your citizen scientist hat and discover the answers yourselves! Find out how the LEWAS Lab uses a Raspberry Pi, Python code, and water sensors to monitor the Stroubles Creek watershed.
Location: Moss Arts Center Balcony Lobby

BioactiVT Pulse Oximeter
Pulse oximeters are essential for monitoring vitals during surgery, but much of the developing world lacks them. BioactiVT has developed TEMPO, a solar-powered pulse oximeter that will improve healthcare and save lives around the world.
Location: Newman Library

Blue Ridge Chapter AMS/NWA
Blue Ridge Chapter AMS/NWA
Various activities for children of all ages to enjoy to learn how weather works. Others can get an inside look into how meteorologists use weather stations to forecast.
Location: Moss Arts Center Grand Lobby

BOLT Electric Motorcycle
The BOLT Design Team designs and builds all-electric racing motorcycles for clean-emissions racing!
Location: College Avenue / Plaza

Bringing Fossils 'Back to Life'
VT Paleobiology & Geobiology
Using question-based fieldwork, the Paleobiology & Geobiology Research Group at Virginia Tech explores and studies the breadth of the fossil record.
Location: Moss Arts Center Balcony Lobby

Bug Talk
VT Biological Sciences and Entomology Departments
The offensive smell of stink bugs is produced to deter predators and forewarn others, but these smelly bugs use other odors to communicate that humans rarely detect. Stop by this exhibit to learn what a team of molecular and field biologists are doing to break the code of “bug talk” in stink bugs.
Location: Moss Arts Center Mezzanine Lobby

Build and Program Lego Robots with the Tuxedo Pandas
New River Robotics Association
Visit the Tuxedo Pandas robot team! Ages 8-18 can build and program a line following robot in our robot parade. Youngsters will enjoy our Lego pit, and learn about Junior teams. Check out our world competition videos and our life-sized Butler robot. See about joining or starting your own robot team.
Location: ICAT at the Moss Arts Center - Learning Studio

Build Unusual Structures using Uncommon Structural Elements
Dan Warren Woodworking
Build and explore tensegrity structures which use tension and compression elements. Use geometric building shapes to build crystal like objects. Weave a floor using a network of short wood blocks.
Location: Moss Arts Center Grand Lobby

Carilion Children's Ambulance
Carilion Clinic Patient Transport
Get a view of this technologically-sophisticated vehicle that is equipped with the most advanced life-saving medical equipment available, allowing us to safely transport kids in critical care to our hospital.
Location: Alumni Mall

Carilion Children's Teddy Bear Clinic
Carilion Clinic
Come to our virtual clinic where you can view simulated X-rays of body areas, take vital signs, listen to the heart and lungs with a stethoscope, and make a hospital-type bracelet to wear.
Location: Moss Arts Center Orchestra Lobby

Carilion Children's: Virus Tracker
Carilion Clinic
How fast can germs spread? Through interactive technology, event goers can see just how fast a virus can spread. Our staff will be on the scene to help “vaccinate” Science Festival attendees from the “zombie virus.”
Location: Moss Arts Center Orchestra Lobby

Carilion Home Health Care: Featuring Telehealth, Monitoring patient care at home through technology
Carilion Clinic Home Health Care
Through the use of our Telehealth technology the doctor can monitor a patient with a chronic condition. Our nurses work closely with the physician to establish vital sign ranges for patients. Using a simple device in the home, patients can monitor their vital signs and symptoms.
Location: Moss Arts Center Orchestra Lobby

Chemical Illusions
Department of Chemistry
We will use chemistry to perform some simple “magic” tricks. Come and make your own bracelets with magic white beads that change color when exposed to light, make slime, and play with sand that can’t get wet. Participate in many exciting hands on experiences of chemistry and soft squishy materials
Location: Newman Library

Classic Tech Toys
Craig and Giles County 4-H
Classic toys which demonstrate basic science principles in fun and engaging ways! Come be mystified by how these toys work and learn the science behind them. Stop by for playtime with us and make your own toy to take home!
Location: Moss Arts Center Grand Lobby

Conductive play dough and Makey Makeys
Roanoke County Public Library
Visit the Roanoke County Public Library exhibit to create a circuit with conductive play-dough and Makey Makeys. Plus, find out more about fun events at Roanoke County Public Library for all ages.
Location: Newman Library

CritiSearch:Empowering users in performing online search through view customization of result set
Third Lab of Center for Human Computer Interaction at Virginia Tech
Search engines provide users with access to unlimited information. However, these interfaces offer limited flexibility to us when it comes to customization of the result set for a query. CritiSearch empowers us by providing us the ability to arrange, organize and explore the results,
Location: Newman Library

Curious Physics Demonstrations for Fun
The Curiosity Shop
We present a series of demonstrations selected to engage the curiosity of the audience. Many of the demonstrations are interactive and all encourage questions and discussion of the physics involved.

Location: Newman Library

Discover the Geosciences!
The Geosciences Modeling & Educational Demonstrations Laboratory (MEDL)
Explore Earth's geologic and geophysical processes through physical analog models. Use augmented reality to observe how water flows on the Surface of the Earth; discover Earth's magnetic field; manipulate Earth's changing landscape; and find out what Earthquakes are all about.
Location: Moss Arts Center Balcony Lobby

Discovering Senses with the Neuroscience Club
Neuroscience Club at Virginia Tech
Join the Neuroscience Club at the Virginia Tech Science Festival where you'll learn about the nervous system and how the body conveys sensory information, with the focus being the sensation of taste. Interact with brain models and observe real brain slices under microscopes.
Location: Moss Arts Center Mezzanine Lobby

Drone Discovery: 4-H National Youth Science Day
Virginia 4-H
Join Virginia 4-H as we explore flight principles of drones through engaging hands-on engineering activities.
Location: Moss Arts Center Grand Lobby

Exploration of Size, from Raindrops to Planets.
Design for America at Virginia Tech
Come out and learn about orders of magnitude through an interactive exhibit allowing you to explore objects ranging from the micro scale to the giga scale!
Location: Alumni Mall

Exploring the Solar System
Roanoke Valley Astronomical Society
How big is our Solar System? What does the sun look like up close? How much would you weigh on Pluto? Members of the Roanoke Valley Astronomical Society will demonstrate the answer to these questions and more.
Location: Henderson Lawn

Extracting Strawberry DNA
Biochemistry Club
We will be extracting DNA from strawberries using a simple buffer solution and isopropyl alcohol.
Location: Moss Arts Center Lawn

First Appalachian Robotics
We are a FIRST Tech Challenge team from Bristol, VA, and will launch, track, and recover a high altitude balloon.
Location: ICAT at the Moss Arts Center - Learning Studio, Henderson Lawn

Genes in a Bottle
Fralin Life Science Institute
In this activity, participants employ the same real-world laboratory procedure used in a variety of biotechnology research applications to extract DNA from many different organisms. Extract genomic DNA from your own cheek cells and bottle it in a cool helix-shaped necklace. Limited to 500 visitors.
Location: Moss Arts Center Mezzanine Lobby

Glo Germ: The Glo Germ "kit" shows kids where germs hide on their hands… even when they look clean.
Carilion Clinic
The Glo Germ utilizes a special lotion to simulate germs and a black light. Kids rub the lotion into their hands and when they put their hands under the light, "germs" show up as white patches. Hand washing and re-checking often reveals that we don't wash as thoroughly as we believe we do.
Location: Moss Arts Center Orchestra Lobby

Gold Pennies and Film canister rockets
Alpha Chi Sigma Virginia Tech
Alpha Chi Sigma will be making golden pennies and canister rockets using chemical reactions. These reactions will show the course of a chemical reaction and the resulting products.
Location: Henderson Lawn

Ground Transportation Ambulance
Carilion Clinic Patient Transport
Climb in and explore one of our advanced life-support ambulances that is ready to respond to any emergency 24 hours a day.
Location: Alumni Mall

High Power Rocketry at Virginia Tech
Talk with students about rocketry at Virginia Tech. See examples and footage of past rockets and launches.
Location: Moss Arts Center Grand Lobby

The Human Powered Submarine Team
Virginia Tech College of Engineering
The Human Powered Submarine (HPS) Team is one of many student-run engineering design teams that are the pride of Virginia Tech's College of Engineering. The team's mission is to design, build, and race submarines that are propelled solely by human power.
Location: College Avenue / Plaza

The Hybrid Electric Vehicle Team of Virginia Tech
Hybrid Electric Vehicle Team of Virginia Tech
VT is one of 16 universities participating in this international, four-year competition sponsored by GM and the Dept. of Energy in which they transform a 2016 Chevrolet Camaro into a hybrid electric vehicle.
Location: College Avenue / Plaza

Hyperloop at Virginia Tech
Hyperloop at Virginia Tech
We are an award-winning design team preparing to race our pod in the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition.
Location: Moss Arts Center Portico

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Improving ergonomics with 3D Printing
Virginia Tech startup Formy uses 3D scanning and 3D printing to make bike grips more durable, more comfortable, and more customizable. Try out custom-fit grips and help fund us on Kickstarter beginning September 29!
Location: Moss Arts Center Orchestra Lobby

Integrated Computational Thinking and Chemistry Learning
Center for Human-Computer Interaction
Participants can interact with a series of animated simulations that provide opportunities for both chemistry learning and computational thinking--designed originally for innovative classroom learning.
Location: ICAT at the Moss Arts Center - Learning Studio

The Invisible Stream: Stroubles Creek
Advanced Research Computing
Ever wonder, 'Where does that drain go?' Buried for over 100 years is an impaired stream that drains Blacksburg. Fly through a virtual 3D Blacksburg to visit Stroubles Creek and learn about ecosystem challenges related to town and campus development.
Location: Moss Arts Center Balcony Lobby

Kids get to program robots that scurry around the floor and shoot alien ships with real lasers!
Robots, Aliens and Robots! Come to the Rackspace booth and get to program a real robotic-rover to navigate a Martian terrain, find the alien armada and blow them away before they can attack earth! You get to program a real robot (in the C++ language) and shoot a real, 5,000μWatt laser cannon! Wow!
Location: Moss Arts Center Grand Lobby

Krinkle Cube
CHCI 3DUI group
Krinkle Cube is a Virtual Reality game where you play as a powerful mage. Your mission it to defend a castle against hungry and funny creatures by casting fire spells. Join us in this medieval virtual world created by the latest technology.
Location: ICAT at the Moss Arts Center - Perform Studio

Lego Drop
Galipatia Outreach Committee
Learn the engineering design process by constructing a landing pad using various materials provided. Test your design by dropping a lego on the landing pad to see if it breaks. Try to improve your design.
Location: Newman Library

Looking Down is Looking Up: Why do we work with aerial photography?
Department of Geography, FREC, Virginia View
Geospatial tools, which include geographic information systems (GIS), global positioning systems (GPS), and remote sensing, provide us with a new understanding of the earth. In this activity, participants will use GIS to identify changes on the earth’s surface, and impacts upon our environment.
Location: Moss Arts Center Balcony Lobby

Make a Wearable Greenhouse
NRV Macaroni Kid
Make wearable mini greenhouse using just a few ingredients and your body heat!
Location: Moss Arts Center Lawn

Marshmallow Tower
Who can build the tallest tower? Come to the Marshmallow tower building table and compete in teams to try to build the tallest tower. The only catch is you only get 10 minutes and your towers are built using only marshmallows and toothpicks.
Location: Henderson Lawn

Microbial Ecology in a Bottle
The Strickland Lab at Virginia Tech
Microbes are all around us doing amazing things but often go unnoticed. The objective of this project is to shed light on the microbial majority that surrounds us. To accomplish this, participants will construct their own Winogradsky column allowing them to observe microbial ecology in action.
Location: Moss Arts Center Lawn

Microbiology Club of Virginia Tech
Attendees will learn about the importance of microorganisms in our daily lives.
Location: Moss Arts Center Mezzanine Lobby

Mill Mountain Zoo: Conservation Station- Species Survival Depends On You!
Mill Mountain Zoo
Conservation issues often seem far away or beyond our control, but small actions can have a big impact. Through games, educational materials and animal artifacts, Mill Mountain Zoo will help educate people on the challenges facing animals and habitats across the globe and in our own backyard.
Location: Moss Arts Center Mezzanine Lobby

Mirror Worlds
Mirror Worlds project creates a shared space, with portals between the physical and virtual, where people can interact with each other and explore the Moss Arts Center.
Location: ICAT at the Moss Arts Center - Observation Studio

Musical Robots
Virginia Tech
Touch a musical robot, examine the different components of the robot, and understand how the components fit together. Command a musical robot using a wii remote controller (wiimote).
Location: Moss Arts Center Orchestra Lobby

NanoEarth Demonstrates Nanotechnology in The Environment
Our exhibit will have hands on activities to give visitors the entry level knowledge on what nanotechnology is, where we can find these applications in our life, how to differentiate them, how they relate to the Earth & environment, and what VT NanoEarth is.
Location: Moss Arts Center Mezzanine Lobby

New River Valley Rocketry
New River Valley Rocketry
Come see hobby rockets from 3’ to over 12' tall. Learn how a rocket motor and altimeters work in hobby rockets.
Location: Moss Arts Center Grand Lobby

Newman Library Technology Showcase
University Libraries
Newman Library has tons of new and fun technology. Join us for a hands-on demonstration of 3D-printing, virtual reality, educational toys, and more.
Location: Newman Library

Plasma - Hand Tracking, Particle Physics, & Projection Mapping
Institute for Creativity, Arts and Technology
Plasma is a physics controlled orb of particles that participants can control and manipulate through the use of a LEAP Motion digital tracking camera. Calling on the imagery the iconic Plasma Ball, the popular 1980's science toy, Plasma elates spectators and lets them control physics simulations.
Location: ICAT at the Moss Arts Center - Experience Studio

Regenerative Medicine Across All Species
Regenerative Medicine Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Program (RM-IGEP)
Regenerative medicine is all about restoring tissue structure and function following injury or disease. Visitors will see how researchers develop stem cell therapies, engineered tissues, nanotechnology, and health policies to help dogs, horses, and people alike.
Location: Moss Arts Center Mezzanine Lobby

Radford University Ecophysiology Lab
Radford University’s hormonally enhanced Madagascar hissing cockroaches are helping us learn more about insect physiology, ecology, and sustainable systems! These giant cockroaches will excite your curiosity and encourage you to explore their vast potential.
Location: Moss Arts Center Mezzanine Lobby

Robotics with Virginia Tech Integrative STEM Education
Virginia Tech Integrative STEM Education
Test your robotic skills! Control a robotic arm to investigate the most effective methods for moving various objects.
Location: ICAT at the Moss Arts Center - Learning Studio

Science Festival Photobooth
Virginia 4-H
Guests can have their photo taken at the iPad Photobooth! All pictures can later be retrieved from the Virginia Tech Science Festival Facebook page.
Location: Moss Arts Center Grand Lobby

Science is bigger than you think
Science Museum of Western Virginia
See what the Science Museum of Western Virginia has to offer. Play a Dancing Fruit Basket Piano, explore insects from the museum's collection, dig in the sand pit of science, and program your own robot-drawn picture with Dash the Robot.
Location: Moss Arts Center Grand Lobby

ScientificaLEE Amazing!
CurVinci Living Learning Community
Science is everywhere! We present grand scientific principles using common household products. Creating a vacuum is as easy as lighting a candle! Who knew cornstarch and water could create a non-Newtonian fluid? Stop by to see for yourself!
Location: Henderson Lawn

The Secret Lives and Many Talents of Good Bacteria
Novozymes Biologicals Inc.
What are bacteria? Where are they and how do they play a role in our lives? Please visit us to learn more about the ways that bacteria play a part in your life and participate in a hands-on activity to grow some microscopic friends of your own.
Location: Moss Arts Center Grand Lobby

Shape and experience a watershed from mountains to the ocean!
Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
Shape your own watershed using DEQ's Augmented Reality Sandbox! Build a dam and see how that changes the flow of water. Make it rain and watch how the rainwater runs off into the streams and rivers. How does the terrain, or landscape contours, in a watershed affect streams and rivers?
Location: Moss Arts Center Balcony Lobby

Smaller, faster, smarter!
Virginia Tech
Miniaturization has emerged as the most significant trend in bioanalytical instrumentation. At the Science Festival we will describe and demonstrate aspects related to the fabrication and application of this technology for the study of biological systems, including analysis, sensing and diagnostics.
Location: Moss Arts Center Mezzanine Lobby

Space Research at CRASH Lab
Mechanical Engineering
CRASH Lab is working on developing concepts and technologies contributing to future space exploration missions. Examples of planets of interest are Mars and Venus, with icy moons including Titan and Enceladus. Mission phases considered are entry, descent, landing, and locomotion.
Location: Newman Library

Squishy Circuits
Association for Women in Computing (AWC)
We will use conductive play-dough, non-conductive play-dough, LED lights, and batteries to explore the material underpinnings of computing. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak made Apple computers at the Home Brew Computer Club. Can we use home ingredients to make a computing device?
Location: Moss Arts Center Portico

Steam-powered Production of Olive Oil using Digital Games and Virtual Environments
Virginia Tech
Have you ever wondered what amount of works it takes to produce something as delicious as olive oil? Were you curious about how engineering has helped the industrialization of food production? If yes, then come and play together with your peers our unique large-group, digital 3D game: C-OLiVE!
Location: ICAT at the Moss Arts Center - Learning Studio

STEM Based Lego Models and Science Scenarios
Bricks 4 Kidz
Bricks 4 Kidz will provide motorized models of various science scenarios and students will be able to explore the concepts to develop a deeper understanding through motorized LEGO builds.
Location: Newman Library

Sun Damage Viewer: DermaScan electronic ultraviolet light source for viewing damage to facial skin
Carilion Clinic
Sun Damage Viewer is a DermaScan electronic ultraviolet light source that enables you to view damaged skin on the face and neck area. This is not a diagnostic tool, but is used to promote preventative skin care, sun screen use, and regular skin check ups.
Location: Moss Arts Center Orchestra Lobby

T.E.K. Robotics
T.E.K. Robotics
We are a Robotics Team at Virginia Tech. Our exhibit includes driving robots, a hand built claw machine, and introduction to STEM children's activities.
Location: Newman Library

Virginia Career VIEW Let's be Scientists!
Virginia Career VIEW
Virginia Career VIEW is recognized as the Commonwealth's Career Information Delivery System for all students in grades K-8 in Virginia. Our mission is to inform, encourage, and support the education and career development of the people of Virginia.
Location: Newman Library

Virginia Tech Formula SAE
VT Motorsports Formula SAE
Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers ) is a team where students design, build, and race two Formula style racecars every year against over 120 collegiate teams.
Location: College Avenue / Plaza

Virus Tracker
Biocomplexity Institute of Virginia Tech
Virus Tracker is an educational game that can transform any event into a full-blown zombie epidemic. Score points by passing on your zombie virus to other players or curing them with the latest vaccine. As you play, the game creates a map of all your interactions - information that helps scientists.
Location: Moss Arts Center Grand Lobby

Visualizing subatomic physics in the Belle II detector
Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology
Experience 360-degree visualization in the Cube. Watch the collision of an electron with an anti-electron create a particle shower of elementary subatomic particles flying through time and space in the Belle II detector. See Einstein's famous formula "E = m c2" come to life!
Location: ICAT at the Moss Arts Center - Cube

VT Physics Outreach
Virginia Tech Physics Department
The Physics Outreach team has many exciting and electrifying hands on demonstrations of physics concepts. Crowd participation is encouraged! Both young and old will be able to enjoy learning everything from what happens to marshmallows in space, to how electric generators work.
Location: Moss Arts Center Portico

Wave Flume
EWRI/COPRI Student Chapter at Virginia Tech
Different types of waves will be created within an 8-foot flume/tank. During the demonstration, participants will have the opportunity to generate waves themselves, while learning about the effects that regular waves and tsunami events have on the shoreline.
Location: Moss Arts Center Lawn

WDBJ7 Meteorologists teach the Science Behind Weather
WDBJ7 Meteorologists, led by Robin Reed, teach the science behind weather. They will showcase hands-on experiments and be available to answer all your weather-related questions!
Location: Moss Arts Center Grand Lobby

What's in your water? Virginia's groundwater and private water supplies: wells and springs
Virginia Cooperative Extension
Did you know that 1 in 5 Virginians relies on a well or spring for their drinking water? Come learn about groundwater, water quality and testing, and play with our Envision groundwater models!
Location: Moss Arts Center Balcony Lobby

You are More than a Number on a Scale
Carilion Wellness
We will show how an Inbody machine will break down your body composition into skeletal muscle mass, dry mass, water mass, body fat mass, and visceral fat. The InBody can even show if your skeletal muscle is equal on both sides of your body. Free passes will be available to have your Inbody reading.
Location: Moss Arts Center Orchestra Lobby

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