PMI's Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification was formally recognized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1999, giving it worldwide status. Project management is now "the fastest-growing professional discipline in North America," according to CMA Management Magazine.

In addition, all students who take the PMP® certification prep course become members of TheCourse's PMP® Forever program through the University Learning Institute (ULI), giving them access to tutorials to continue to learn and earn Professional Development Units (PDUs), required to maintain their certification for free!

Members have lifetime, unlimited access to the latest edition of our online PMP® prep course. A new tutorial on Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis, one of 20+ new terms introduced by 5th edition, is being submitted to PMI® for PDU assignment. A course titled Microsoft Project for Project Managers is under development. A variety of other tutorials, selected from the subjects listed in our online library at the Course Materials link, will be added over the coming months. All will be available to our members at no further cost.

What are our pass ratios for TheCourse?

The rating of the classroom version is 100%!

The rating of the online version of TheCourse is 95.96%

Project Management Institute rates the prep courses of their Registered Education Providers. When a PMP® candidate applies to take the exam, they must report what prep course they took. PMI® alone knows who passes the exam, by what score, and how they prepared. The average PMI® course rating is 86.12%.

How can I finance my PMP® future?
You may qualify for financial aid.

Where can I get additional information?
If your question has not been addressed, please contact us.

What does a typical day look like?
See our typical course agenda.


  • I don't have a technical background–can I successfully earn a certificate in project management?
    Yes! Project managers can come from virtually any educational or experience background. Project managers have to be able to understand and communicate both the technical and business cases for a project.

  • Do I need prior experience with computers?
    Participants must have basic computer skills with the ability to navigate file directories, save and open files, copy and paste, and be familiar with Microsoft Windows functions.

Project management careers

  • I'm thinking of a career change, and I'm investigating project management as a possibility. What is the job market for project managers like?
    In short, very good. The growing application of project management in many organizations has created a long-term upward growth trend in demand for project managers. The economic downturn has hurt demand in some industries (construction, as one major example), as has the delay of growth-related projects. Over the long term, however, increasing demand and Baby Boomer retirements lead many observers to predict continued long-term growth in demand.

  • My company has significant international operations–is project management something that can be used outside the U.S.?
    Not only can it be used, but it is highly recommended. In many ways, project management is an international "language" of work–it permits people of many nationalities to plan, organize, track, and control projects on common, well-understood terms, without regard to differences in the way people behave or communicate in different parts of the world.

  • I'd like to earn the certificate, but I don't know if my organization will ever give me a project to do. What if that happens?
    Project management is a way of thinking as well as a management method, and that way of thinking can be applied to much "non-project" work, with significant benefits.

  • We're not a technical company–is project management of any value to us?
    Absolutely yes! "Projects" are found in every kind of organization, whether profit or nonprofit, private or public. Project management has become a nearly universal (and growing) management tool.

  • What would you say is the single best payoff of being a project manager?
    That's easy--fun! There is an old expression in human resource management: "There’s a huge difference between having 25 years of experience and having one year of experience 25 times." Project managers get 25 years of experience.

PMP® credential / PMP® exam

  • I am a project manager who would like to sit for the PMP® exam. Does this certificate provide me with the 35 contact hours of project management education required?
    Yes, completion of this program will provide 56 contact hours of project management education