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   1st Workshop on Methodologies for Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) Pool Simulations -  June 23-25, 2015 -  Executive Briefing Center - Arlington, VA

This workshop will introduce participants to the use, accuracy, and limitations of methodologies/tools employed for the evaluation of safety and safeguards for spent nuclear fuel pools. In the area of pool criticality safety, the industry state-of-the-art conservative methodology and the recently developed VT3G best-estimate methodology are discussed. In the area of pool safeguards, participants will become acquainted with the methodology and capability of the VT3G developed INSPCT-S tool for detection of fuel diversion in a spent fuel pool. Hands-on sessions with example problems will occupy the main portion of the workshop. Participants will receive lecture notes, input files, and utility software for processing of inputs and outputs.

Where: Virginia Tech Research Center, 900 Glebe Road, Arlington, Virginia 22203

Topics include:

Industry state-of-the-art conservative methodology

VT3G best estimate methodology

MCNP eigenvalue and subcritical multiplication calculations

Tools for generating input files

Uncertainties and limitations of different methodologies

Accident scenarios

Hands-on exercises

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