North American Forest Ecology Workshop - June 19-23, 2011 - Roanoke, Virginia
Plenary Speakers

NAFEW 2011 will open the workshop on Monday morning, June 20th, with four plenary speakers from the southeastern United States. These scientists have made technical and theoretical advances in the discipline of forest ecology that have had regional, national, and international impacts.

Dr. James S. Clark, the H.L. Blomquist Professor of Environment in the Biology Department at Duke University. Clark’s research focuses on using long-term experiments and monitoring studies to determine disturbance and climate controls on the dynamics of 20th Century forests in combination with extensive modeling to forecast ecosystem change. He has authored over 120 scientific articles and published four books including Models for Ecological Data and Hierarchical Models for the Environment.

Dr. John R. Seiler, the Honorable and Mrs. Shelton H. Short Professor of Forestry in the Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Seiler’s research focuses on environmental stress effects on woody plant physiology, physiological responses to silvicultural treatments, and carbon sequestration. He has authored over 100 scientific articles and has been repeatedly recognized for his applications of technology into dendrology and forest biology instruction. His teaching awards include the Ernest L. Boyer International Award for Excellence on Teaching, Learning, and Technology and the USDA Higher Education Programs College and University Teaching Award.

Dr. Herman H. (Hank) Shugart, the W.W. Corcoran Professor of Environmental Sciences in the Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia. Shugart’s work focuses on global change, systems ecology, and forest ecosystem analysis and dynamics. He has authored over 300 scientific articles and authored or co-authored eleven books including Vegetation Dynamics and Global Change and A Theory of Forest Dynamics: the Ecological Implications of Forest Succession Models.

Dr. James M. Vose, Project Leader and Supervisory Research Ecologist for the Forest Watershed Science Unit at the USDA Forest Service Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory. Vose’s research focuses on phytoremediation of groundwater pollutants, riparian zone restoration, and fire ecology and restoration of fire dependent ecosystems. He has authored over 100 scientific articles and serves as the primary investigator for multiple National Science Foundation-funded Long Term Ecological Research projects based at Coweeta.

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