Certificate Program in Veterinary Practice Business Management - September 9-December 11, 2010 - Falls Church, Virginia
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Why a Course on Business Management?

Veterinarians have reason to worry about profitability in these challenging economic times. New technologies promise increased sales; new medical treatments promise better health care and increase in services; and the increase of corporate pet care centers can create more questions about quality business practices than provide answers. Because pet care is estimated at a $27-billion marketplace, it attracts other entities with better business knowledge and capitalization. Trends tell us to expect increases in competition for retail sales. This is not bad news for practicing veterinarians; however, it does require veterinarians to refocus attention on our core business strategy.

photo "A program like this is an investment which will provide a significant return on your investment IF you can make the changes and corrections in your business practices."
Travis N. Taylor, DVM,
Taylor Veterinary Services LLC,
Centerville, Animal Hospital

The Certificate Program in Veterinary Practice Business Management at Virginia Tech is a leading-edge course for identifying core business strategy and aligning business decision with that business strategy. The program will enable veterinarians to capitalize on those diagnostic skills, for which they are known, and to begin to apply new knowledge to business challenges.

Who Designed the Course?

The Veterinary Practice Business Management program has been developed by veterinarians, veterinary practice managers, business professionals, deans, and faculty members from both the Pamplin College of Business and the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine.

The program will provide veterinarians and veterinary practice managers with business knowledge needed for the efficient and effective operation of a private clinical practice.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for veterinarians or practice managers with business-decision making responsibility.

Practitioners, with newly developing companies.

Practice managers, who want more information on how to manage a veterinary practice.

Program Objectives

The program's objectives are:

  • Provide a framework for orienting the practice of veterinary care to a business management perspective
  • Enhance the knowledge and understanding of effective business principles and techniques and apply them in the delivery of quality veterinary care
  • Promote the importance of the long-term, strategic thinking essential to business growth and profitability
photo "My time in veterinary school did not prepare me for the business side of being a veterinarian. The truth of the matter is that veterinary medicine is a people oriented business and therefore a service driven profession. I had to learn how to manage my business on my own and with the help of other professional. I made some mistakes early on that could have been avoided if I had attended a course like this one."
Dr. Thomas B. Massie, Jr.,
Rose Hill Veterinary Practice

What Instructional Approach will be Used?

The program will be delivered using a blended instructional delivery system to enhance the opportunities for learning. The course will incorporate the instructor-led classroom supported by lecture, discussion, case studies, real-time business projects, individual, small group and team assignments and presentations. Technology will be used to support the classroom with online and continuing dialogue settings. This business experience is further enhanced through the development of a business plan, integrated team project, which provides real-world applicability to the curriculum.

A Cohort-Based Approach

This program utilizes a cohort--based approach to enhance the learning opportunities. The cohort approach simply means the class will be limited to the first 25 people enrolled. These twenty-five participants will form learning teams, discussion groups, both during and between class meetings, completing assignments in a group setting guided by business professionals. The cohort experience builds strong networking opportunities which will increase the personal learning experiences exponentially. The goal is to create a network which will be called up for problem-solving for years to come by members of the class and future classes.

Individuals will focus on creating or enhancing a strategic business plan for their respective business. Faculty will assist participants in identifying up to three (3) business opportunities which will improve profitability; with the goal of capturing the investment in the course within 6 months.

For More information Contact:
Sharon G. Scott, Associate Director
Management & Professional Development
Email: scottsg@vt.edu

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