2012 Symposium on Low-Power Critical Facilities (LPCF-12) - March 12, 2012 -  VTRC- Virginia Tech Research Center - Arlington Virginia

The goal of this symposium is to discuss and develop a plan for the SUNRISE (Southeast Universities Nuclear Reactors Institute for Science and Education) organization’s initiative on building a Low-Power Critical Facility (LPCF). SUNRISE is a consortium of universities and industry. SUNRISE has Memoranda of Understanding with two national laboratories.

SUNRISE is advocating a two-pronged approach for the enhancement of our nation’s nuclear workforce, research and technical support. The technical approach addresses the need for development of a new specialized critical facility, research reactor, and supporting laboratory and administrative facilities. The functional approach is the establishment of a single organization that can be utilized by government agencies and the nuclear industry to assist in providing a qualified workforce, to be engaged in nuclear-related research, and to provide technical assistance. Overall these two efforts are designed to support the development of the next-generation nuclear workforce, nuclear technology, and advanced research and technical support.

reactor diagram

Invited speakers from universities, government and industry will introduce various aspects of the LPCF initiative including its design, capabilities, and benefits to industry and DOE initiatives including advanced reactor designs and Small Modular Reactors (SMRs).

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