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Lean Academy - Virginia Tech
Lean Academy - Virginia Tech

Lean Practitioner

Learning outcomes:

  1. Understand basic principles necessary for effective performance in a lean organization, including humility, respect for individuals, process focus, flow of value to customers, quality at the source, and others.
  2. Understand basic lean principles, values, and philosophies necessary of every lean practitioner.
  3. Use lean planning and deployment mechanisms to align and conduct continuous improvement actions.
  4. Use coaching feedback to systematically improve daily work activities.
  5. Use education, training, and coaching for personal skills development.
  6. Demonstrate ownership for process improvement responsibilities.
  7. Build the skills required of a practitioner in a lean culture.
  8. Participate in and contribute to process improvement systems and use appropriate continuous improvement tools
  9. Integrate improvement with work.
  10. Use systematic PDCA problem-solving thinking through work habits and other methods, such as A3s.
  11. Apply measurement systems and demonstrate the behaviors that build a continuous improvement culture.


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