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Lean Foundations

(1 full-day class) Our Lean experts will guide you through the fundamental principles of Lean thinking and an overview of Lean tools and methods in order to get a more developed understanding of all that Lean has to offer you and your organization. Course content will examine Lean as a philosophy and a system, as well as identify the benefits and challenges of creating a continuous improvement culture.

This class is suitable for employees at any level and no prior exposure to Lean is required.

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Lean Foundations: Executive Overview

(Half-day class) This course is designed for managers and senior executives who want to know more about Lean, who might be unsure of all that Lean has to offer, or who are uncertain on how to successfully implement Lean throughout their organization. Our content experts will walk you through on how to plan and to design a strategy of implementation and the messaging needed to communicate a clear vision and direction. You will discover ways to organize cross-functional teams that put Lean improvements into practice. It will outline the importance and worth of Lean to your time and bottom line.

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Lean Integration: Application into Process, Leadership and Culture

Prerequisite course: Lean Foundations

Now you're ready to implement the processes you learned in Lean Foundations and make them stick so that your organization can be the best it can be. But where do you start and how long will it take in order to make Lean long-lasting?

This course incorporates four full-day sessions (two full days, then a four-week break to work on projects, then another two full days), a one-hour coaching session after each set of classes (two coaching sessions total) and a two-hour kick-off webinar.

Join on us on this journey that is designed for entire teams and provides front-line employees and supervisors the knowledge and the support necessary to function as improvement specialists in organizational transformation. Our Lean experts will help you and your team understand the basic principles of Lean process, leadership, and culture that are imperative for effective performance and Lean integration, including but not limited to humility, respect for individuals, process flow, and flow of value to customers.

Further, you will learn how to take a systematic approach towards continuous improvement and to gain a competitive advantage no matter what industry. This interactive training will use simulations, handsĀ­on exercises, and real life case studies.

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Leading Through Lean

Prerequisite: Lean Integration: Application into Process, Leadership and Culture

This course includes three sets of two full-day sessions (six days total; there will be a four-week break for self study), a one-hour coaching session after each two-day class group (three coaching sessions total), and two webinars (two hours each).

This course is designed for executives or managers who are the organizational Lean champions and will function as the primary coaches and developers of people within the organization. Participants will learn ways to support the improvements outlined by front-line employees and Lean Practitioners. Course content will focus on value stream mapping and explore ways to chart a path for developing cross functional teams. This class will emphasize the need for making process improvements at the team level as well as at the personal level.

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Lean and Six Sigma (manufacturers/non-manufacturers)

(2 full-day classes) What does excellence mean to your customers who are looking for specific goods or services at the best quality, fast and on time, and at a low overall cost? What does excellence look like for your employees who want to be a part of an exciting, inspiring culture built on teamwork, trust and empowerment? What would an excellent process look like that is stable, predictable and efficient?

Excellence is a goal many organizations are trying to achieve by improving their leadership, defining and improving their processes and developing an inspirational vision to clarify a direction forward. Many of these same tools and methodologies can be applied to any organization to develop a culture of partnership between leaders, employees, customers and suppliers.

This course not only provides Lean Foundations but also provides important and complimentary Six Sigma tools to guide you on your way to Lean excellence.

This class is suitable for employees at any level and no prior exposure to Lean is required.

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