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KAI Certification Course

Day 1: Introduction to A-I Theory
All people problem solve and are creative; we differ in style and level - A-I is about style

Day 2: The Theory
Overview of A-I Theory
Linking Creativity, Problem Solving & Decision Making
Distinguishing problem solving Process and Technique
Style as a Variable in Cognitive Function

Day 3: KAI, Construction & Practice
Case Study of the Problem Solving Process
Construction & Reliability of KAI
Administration, scoring & feedback
Practical experience, advice & exercise

Day 4: KAI, Individual & Group
Level, Style & Personality
Early Onset, Stability
KAI & Differences between groups (e.g. gender, work type)

Day 5: Managing Change & Diversity
The Spiral of Change versus the Pendulum of Change
Management of Diversity
Team Building: successful teams spend more effort on their common problem than managing each other
Cognitive Gap; Bridging; Coping (Stress)
Case studiesā€ƒ

KAI Advanced Workshop

Day 1: Application of A-I Theory
Problem Solving as Key to Life
Managing Teams and Diversity
Agents of Change and Precipitating Events
Sharing of Recent Research
Presentations from the Group

Day 2: Advanced Practice
Advanced Interpretation and Use of KAI
Application to Education, Culture, and Leadership
Application to Neuroscience
Sharing of Recent Research
Presentations from the Group

For questions regarding course content, contact Dr. Curt Friedel - cfriedel@vt.edu - Tel: (540) 231-8177