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photo Dr Priscilla Wolfe

Dr. Wolfe is a Fellow of the Occupational Research Centre and Tutor for KAI Certification Courses and Advanced Workshops. She has been delivering KAI courses and workshops for over 15 years. Dr. Wolfe is founder and president of PS Wolfe, Inc. She was formerly director of the Leadership Development Institute at Indiana State University, where she was also director of education with the Networks Financial Institute. Dr. Wolfe received her Ph.D. in Education, and she has extensive experience using A-I Theory and KAI within US academic, corporate, government and not-for-profit organizations.

photo Dr Curtis Friedel

Dr. Friedel is an associate professor in the Department of Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education, and Director of the Center for Cooperative Problem Solving, at Virginia Tech. He serves as undergraduate coordinator for the department, is the program leader for the university-wide Leadership and Social Change minor, and the graduate certificate in Problem Solving for Leading Change. Some of the course Dr. Friedel has taught include: Leadership Dynamics, Youth Program Management, Exploring Citizen Leadership, and Leading Social Change. Dr. Friedel’s research is focused on problem solving and critical thinking as it relates to leadership and managing change; as well as teaching and learning.

photo Dr Megan Seibel

Dr. Seibel is Director of the VALOR Program at Virginia Tech, which is dedicated to spreading leadership best practice in education, workplace, and grassroots organizational settings. Team dynamics related to issues exploration and influence on policy development provide a context for stakeholder development and advocacy as outcomes. Additionally, Dr. Seibel utilizes the KAI with coaching of state-level educational supervisors and student officer teams to enhance effectiveness in student-led organizations. Her background includes expertise in career and technical education and outreach educational programming. 

For questions regarding course content, contact Dr. Curt Friedel - cfriedel@vt.edu - Tel: (540) 231-8177