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The two-day event in Roanoke, Virginia will bring together industry leaders, researchers, students and professionals to exchange ideas around innovative practices and approaches to meet the needs of the manufacturing industry.

Through discussion of industry needs and experiences and emergent research in a variety of fields such as hard sciences and engineering, the event will accelerate idea-sharing among leaders in Virginia's manufacturing sector and promote the growth and stability of manufacturing in the Commonwealth and Mid-Atlantic region.

From innovative strategies related to manufacturing processes, to product design and deployment, to reshoring, and value chain, if you want to connect with professionals looking for what’s new and how it can help you, register now.

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Featured Speakers:

Harry Moser, the Reshoring Initiative

Craig Sutton, Manager Manufacturing Innovation for John Deere

Your hosts:

The following partners have developed this conference as a component of the Transportation Equipment Manufacturers Competitiveness Initiative, a project funded by the US Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration.

Genedge Alliance

Virginia Manufacturing Advisory Council

Virginia Tech Office of Economic Development

GENEDGE Alliance

Virginia Manufacturing Advisory Council

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