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Implementing Lean: Operational Excellence for Local Government  - March 3-4, 2016  - Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center  - Roanoke, Virginia
Implementing Lean: Operational Excellence for Local Government  - March 3-4, 2016  - Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center  - Roanoke, Virginia


Wednesday, March 1, 2017
8:30 am Registration and Continental Breakfast
9:15 am Welcome Address
Kay Dunkley, Executive Director of the Roanoke Higher Education Center
Chris Morrill, Roanoke City Manager and Tom Gates, Roanoke County Administrator
9:30 am Keynote: Jeff Fuchs - Lean Overview and Why Lean is Important
To kick-off the conference, Jeff Fuchs will discuss why lean is effective and the impact lean transformation can have on an organization.
Breakout Sessions I
10:45 am A. Mike Leigh, OpX Solutions - Intro to Lean Thinking
Are you just beginning your Lean journey?  Does the terminology confuse you?  And what exactly is the purpose of Lean?  If you want to better understand Lean thinking, this session will cover the basics.  Learn the purpose and principles of Lean, and how it can help your organization.

B. Leigh Anne Strahler and Mike Mercer, AEP - Implementing Lean in Utilities - “Really? Here?”
A four-year story of launching the cultural transformation that is lean thinking in a 5.4 million customer, 18,000 employee utility. This session, focusing on Appalachian Power, shares mistakes, recovery and successes from an on-going journey which has contributed to significant efficiency gains across multiple sectors at American Electric Power.

C. Chris Morrill and Tom Gates, City of Roanoke and Roanoke County - Leading Lean Government In this session, two successful local government leaders will discuss their organization’s lean journey. Learn about the challenges and successes that each organization has faced and ways that they are collaborating.
12:00 Lunch - Keynote Speaker: Elizabeth Jamison, VT Adjunct Faculty - Leading Change and the (Accidental) Threat to an Ethical Culture
When it comes to people, organizations, and cultures, it can seem more like every action as a disproportionate and explosive reaction, and the last place that you want this to happen is in the ethical behavior of your employees. However, research demonstrates that when we increase organizational stressors — like change — we also increase the potential for ethical lapses. This session will create opportunities to discuss with your peers how ensure your culture leadership is as carefully considered as your process leadership.      
Breakout Sessions II
1:15 pm A. Andrea Ross, Department of Corrections - Stop Starting, Start Finishing - Using Kanban for Service delivery
In this session, you will see how Kanban has been adapted to increase productivity, efficiency, collaboration, and flow of work in the office and service delivery environments.

B. Margaret Deck, Virginia Tech Instructor - Lean Tools for Success
This session will present examples of Lean Tools (such a visual management, poka-yokes, 5S) in different types of business and show how they can improve organizational performance.  There will be a short, fun simulation so participants will have hands-on exposure to a Lean Tool.

C. . Jeff Cole, J. Cole Group - 5 Fatal Mistakes in Lean Thinking and How to Avoid Them
Breakout Sessions III
2:30 pm A. Mark Oakes, Merit Medical - Lean in the Office
This session will focus on documenting the flow of information and capturing the opportunities for improvement as knowledge work moves through the front office. Improvement strategies will also be presented.

B. Bobby Bowman, Altec - Mapping your future: Value Stream Maps
This session will explain how Value Stream Mapping can be used outside of "textbook" examples, where widget factories may be highlighted. Come see how you can apply this tool to impact your organization.

C. John Dyer, JD&A, Inc. - Dr. Deming’s Red Bead Simulation for Operational Excellence
Lean and Six Sigma require a culture that embraces teamwork, leadership, empowerment, and a focus on fixing processes vs. blaming employees.  Join Industry Week Contributing Editor John Dyer as he demonstrates Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s famous Red Bead Exercise, which will highlight several of the 14 principles required to transform your culture to help facilitate change and improvement.
4:00-6:00 pm Conference Reception - Craft Beer Theme
Keynote Speaker: Jeff Cole, J. Cole Group - What Do Beer, Lean, and Process Change Have in Common?
Craft beer? A frothy concept that carries over quite nicely into the world of lean psychology with some very surprising results. In this talk you’ll discover the advantages of taking a Craft Beer mindset when it comes to making lean truly work in your organization.
Thursday, March 2, 2017
8:00 am Welcome and Continental Breakfast
8:30 am Keynote Address - Matt Roth, Harley-Davidson - Continuing a Lean Culture
The Harley-Davidson Lean Journey is not a unique story.  Competitive and market forces have created the need for change.  Implementation of lean tools alone won’t suffice.  A culture change is required to ensure a sustained lean implementation.  Harley’s most recent lean journey starts with the economic recession and continues to this day.  The keynote will explain how Harley utilized both physical and cultural change to implement a lasting Lean culture.
Breakout Sessions I
9:30 am A. Chuck Springer, Denton, TX - Denton’s Lean Journey- Successes and Challenges
This presentation will cover Denton’s successes and challenges in maintaining a lean program through political turmoil and management changes.

B. David Williamson, Advance Auto - Lean Project Management
This session will connect the concepts of lean to project management. Learn how to eliminate waste and increase efficiency when managing large projects.

C. Paul Pejsa, ThedaCare - Lean Management Systems
Creation of a Lean Management System (LMS) is key to any sustaining lean transformation in operations.  This talk will outline an effective LMS that contains elements of alignment, engagement, and improvement, all solidly linked together and mutually supportive. 
10:45 am Dive Deeper Round Table Discussions
Chris Morrill - Impact of Lean
Chuck Springer - Denton’s Lean Journey
John Dyer - Process Innovation
Mike Leigh - Intro to Lean Thinking
Margaret Deck – Lean Tools
Paul Pejsa - Lean Healthcare
Jason Cash - Lean in Technology
Matt Roth - Continuing a Lean Culture
Jason Bingham - Creating High Performance Teams
Lt. Jeffrey Newman - Police Body Camera Project Connie Carter and Steve Martin – Improving Social Services
Leigh Anne Strahler & Mike Mercer – Lean in Utilities
RB Lawhorn, Gwin Ellis and Amelia Merchant –Roanoke's Lean Journey
Andrea Ross - Kanban for Service
Mark Oakes - Lean in the Office
Karen O’Conner and Maria Ward – Lean for Human Resources
Nancy Duval - Lean in Time Sheet Process
Meredith Thompson - Seasonal Hiring
Jessica Webb - Lean in Community Development
Chad Sweeney - Lean in Social Services
Noon Lunch - Keynote Speaker: Jason Bingham, Trane - Creating High Performance Teams with Lean
Creating High Performance Teams with Lean – When used with the right approach, lean processes are perfect for enhancing your team’s performance and culture.  Lean can help your people work on the business together, thus improving what they do, increasing collaboration and even defining how they can serve their customers better together.
1:15 pm Lean Academy - Jeff Fuchs, Chris Morrill, and Mike Leigh
  • Kick-off session for the Lean Academy
  • Discuss the components and the impacts of Lean Government
2:30 pm Closing Session

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